October 31, 2007

Brian's Song - Halloween Edition

Welcome Boils and Ghouls to Brian's Spooktactular Horrific Halloween Brian's Song.... Boo Bitch!!!

This is my Holiday, most people claim Christmas, Thanksgiving or Valentine's Day, oh no not me, this is my time baby!!! I haven't been this excited since Sears had that sale on button up shirts. (Granted I already own 20 but Marie would agree with me when I say "Damn it, I look good in them"...that and with my body type I now know that God apparently does not want me to shop at the Gap (Amen).)

So by now that parties are in full swing left and right, the booze, the scantly clad women, monster movie marathons, what more could you want? Hell give me a pizza, a six pack of root beer and a "Hellraiser" marathon and I'm in heaven.

So I can already tell that the party soundtracks will range from decent to "God help me now!!!" but above all else one artist is sure to get some extra time in the spotlight this week: Rob Zombie

We here at TBF have nothing but love for Rob Zombie for all his works both in music and film, whether he was banging heads with White Zombie or on his own or making us damn near freak out to his movies, the man brings his "A game". So I reviewed his entire videography and I couldn't decide what to post.... then I thought why have one when we SO need two to get our necessary head banging dose.

So here you go kids, Rob Zombie 2 for 1 for this week's Brian's Song(s): "Boogie Man" and "Living Dead Girl"

"Boogie Man" is originally off of "the Crow: City of Angels" and "Living Dead Girl" is Originally off of "Hellbilly Deluxe"

but if you want to save some cash I'd go with his Greatest Hits package "Past, Present and Future". All aforementioned albums are available online or check your local music stores.

Do have a safe Halloween and remember, if the homeowner invites you in for candy... They want to touch your special place.. and that's a bad thing.

Stay true, Stay you,

Until Next Time Kiddies,


October 29, 2007

Soundboard - 10/29/07


So after our first week debuts, we did pretty well, so now naturally a couple of changes have to occur.

"Mariedom" is dead.. after more than enough criticism about the name, I've more or less have had it.

Well that and I found out that it almost sounds like "Martyrdom" and I don't feel like sacrificing Marie.

So R.I.P. "Mariedom" and let us welcome "Marie: Unhindered" or "Unhindered" for short.

So to recap: You win, new name, same great taste... still half the fat. Enjoy!

There's another change that's a-coming but I still need to see how it plays out first. Stay Tuned!



Unhindered: Living in a Litigious Society

Living in a Litigious Society

For those who may be unclear, “litigious” refers to the word “litigation” which is essentially a lawsuit. So when I say that our society is litigious I mean that the plastic lids that go on Styrofoam coffee cups have the legend: "Warning! Contents may be hot!", stores have those bright yellow "CAUTION Wet Floor/CUIDADO Piso Mojado" signs, plastic containers have stickers with sketches of babies suffocating, and there’s little red writing on plastic bags saying "NOT A TOY."

I look at these and say, "Well, duh!" Hopefully, you look at these and say, "Well, duh!" too. But the mere existence of these disclaimers is an indication of a sickness in our society. Perhaps some people do not think "Well, duh!" and instead decide that it’s a dandy idea to stand on the very top of a ladder (that "Not A Step") and forget that the cup of hot coffee tucked in their crotch while they are driving is… well… hot.

Personally, those people could break their necks and scald their gonads and I wouldn’t be too sorry. Might do the human race some good to weed out those absent-minded idiots.

But there is a bigger danger than morons — the lawsuit-happy "victims" of negligence. And, of course, there are also sleazy lawyers, though I’m not sure whether they are morally better or worse than those "victims."

Let’s start with what could very well be a justified case. Mrs. Eugenia Smith, an 83-year-old war widow, fell and broke her hip on the front steps of the public library after checking out her weekly ration of knitting pattern books and Cat Fancy magazines. Being on a fixed income, she can’t afford the outrageous medical bills (damn American health system… I’ll probably rant on that sometime later this season) or the live-in nurse/companion that she’ll need to hire to take care of her while she recuperates. Her lawyer--in this instance a nice old-fashioned banjo-playing Matlock-y sort—urges her to sue the city for damages. "After all," he reasons, "They were responsible for removing the ice from the steps so that upstanding war widows like yourself wouldn’t slip and nearly be killed. The least they can do to make up for their negligence is to pay you enough money to cover the bills." The judge rules in favor of the kindly old woman, and the city funds are down by several million.

Now let’s pick that apart.

In my opinion, the library should have removed the ice. But it wasn’t their fault that rickety Mrs. Smith fell and broke a hip. Because of her unfortunate financial circumstances, the city should take the moral responsibility of helping her out with her bills. Unfortunately, the city cannot be relied upon to offer to do the right thing in helping Mrs. Smith out, so that’s where the courts come into the equation. Just as unfortunately, Mrs. Smith needed a mediator to deal with the judicial courts, and that’s where Matlock comes in… and goes out with a sizable monetary compensation for his skills in his pocket.

Who wins? Not Mrs. Smith—she is in tremendous pain, and full recovery at her age is hardly a given. Not the city library—they are down a few million dollars. Matlock wins, damn him. And he wasn’t even involved in the original incident!

Seen from the perspective of Mrs. Smith, the litigation system can be seen as a good thing, something that is there to help her out when unfortunate things happen. It’s a rather comforting thought for all of us; if the FDA releases a drug they say is safe but ends up causing strokes in 3% of its users, it’s nice to know that responsibility and blame will be doled out somehow and the victims given some sort of token compensation. But, as with everything, a few rotten apples will spoil the whole deal.

I’m talking about the career victims, people who decide that it’s easier suing company after company to get money rather than making an honest living.

Remember the Wendy’s finger fiasco? The "victim" Anna Ayala was found to have "a litigious history," having filed claims against other companies. She and her boyfriend staged the whole thing.

What happened to good, ol’-fashioned honesty and integrity?

Believe me, I am a big fan of getting something for nothing. I’m not even on a fixed income like Mrs. Smith. I’m on no income, mooching-off-my-family-and-friends-until-I-finally-buckle-down-and-get-a-real-job and buying little luxuries with the 500 bucks still left in my bank account from my high school graduation money (which was over five years ago--I’m quite thrifty). I’ve filled out those “Win a New Car!” slips at the mall. I’ve joined mailing lists for a chance to win a PS3. But I wouldn’t stoop to robbing anybody via the judicial branch.

If an accident due to negligence were to occur and cause bodily harm to myself, I probably would sue. But unless there were cruel and unusual circumstances, I would tell my lawyer to screw the part about repayment for “psychological damages.” Barring the occasional circus incident resulting in injury (which may involve a bunch of clowns that causes a debilitating phobia for the victim), I think that psychological damage is just an excuse for more money.

Now, don’t think that I am against dishonest litigation because of the corporations that have to fork over money. (Oh, yes, the poor, poor multi-national corporations!) They could stand to lose a few billion; there’d be fewer Wal-Marts and Blockbusters, but I can live with that. It’s the greedy corruption among the common people that makes me mad. I’m not a fan of anyone who lies or exaggerates for personal gain at the expense of anyone else. Those people who fake neck injuries to profit from car accidents are sick. You want to talk about psychological damage…. If someone claimed they were severely hurt because of me, I would cry at hurting another human being. And they would take my money and laugh at me for being a sucker who would have to subsist solely on ramen for the next ten years. Once I found out that they borrowed that neck brace from their great-aunt who had really gotten whiplash… I’d get angry and then depressed at the callousness of the human race. I would find it difficult to recapture my Anne Frank-ish belief that mankind is basically good. Then I might just become misanthropic, and that would be ironic and hypocritical because of my sociology degree. And I hate being hypocritical.

I would appreciate any comments or opinions you have on this topic. Just go to here and click on the “Post a Comment” link to let me know, or email me at thebrianfactormailbox@yahoo.com.

Thanks for reading this!



October 25, 2007

TBF: Rewind: Game on

Due to circumstances beyond my control, There will be no new "The Brian Factor" this Friday.

We will post up a "TBF: Rewind" this Friday instead, I apologize for any and all inconvenience.

-Brian Rodriguez

Hey everybody, Marie here. I was charged yesterday with the task of selecting a previous Factor column to rerun today. My choice is the article from May 4: Game On.

The column can be found here (http://thebrianfactor.blogspot.com/2007/05/tbf-game-on.html). I chose it because it speaks about life. It is also one of the most eloquent pieces Brian has written, in my opinion.
"It's my heart that gives my words purpose." How great is that phrase? I'll tell ya: Awesome.

So I encourage you to read (or reread) this classic Factoring of Brian's.



Soundboard - 10/25/07

Due to circumstances beyond my control, There will be no new "The Brian Factor" this Friday.

We will post up a "TBF: Rewind" this Friday instead, I apologize for any and all inconvenience.

-Brian Rodriguez


October 24, 2007

T.K.O- Trust

Trust and betrayal, two very powerful words, and when used together they do not acquire a positive outcome but rather a bitter, hurtful handful rage of emotions.

Isn't it funny how our thoughts work (the way we think)? Not only do our thoughts affect how we feel but also dictate what mood we are in. Our thoughts become an overwhelming physical energy that we allow ourselves to create whether for good or bad. The thing we need to do is to be aware of those thoughts so that we are in charge of them rather than having our
thoughts be in charge of us. For example, if your partner betrays you, and all you can think about is "he is the worst person in the world and I am the poor victimized party", not only will you be blinded to all the things leading up to the betrayal but you will also be blinded to many of the roads leading away from it. Therefore you will be locked inside a prison of your own making!

I got to admit, I have struggled a lot to learn and accept that part of trusting means that it can many times comes hand in hand with betrayal. I trust to the point of having faith in my partner. Faith to include: this person will never hurt me, this person will secure my heart in his hands and protect it from everything and everyone (including himself), that I will be put first no matter the circumstance. I trust that he won’t make me cry or cause me pain. But trust is not always like we expect it to be. Sometimes for instance a relationship can get so stale that some form of betrayal or a major eye opener needs to take place in order to wake up the marriage/relationship. I know that long term relationships often fall into the "comfort zone" we get to the place when our image or pleasing the other person no longer matters. We allow the every day life to take first place in our life, leaving our partner to feel "taken for granted".

Maybe that is why men seek to find someone else to pay attention, or woman begin to seek other man’s compliments, with our without the intention to cheat but rather to find that missing aliment that they had when the relationship started.

Now comes the dangerous part, take for example, a married couple grows apart, and the relationship becomes "stale". Then the bored husband begins to be too "playful" or "friendly" towards someone else maybe even with someone from his work, thinking their partner will never find out but the partner does find out. The wife has caught on to what has happened and betrayal takes place. Especially when the wife has been totally faithful and has never disrespected the relationship in that kind of way. Does it matter that the partner to blame was not unfaithful per say. Meaning he did not sleep with another woman or touched her (men always say that). But they might have crossed the line. After all crossing the line can signify anything. Cheating is not always sleeping with someone, it can be as innocent as private emails, or anything that is concealed to the other party it is a form to me of betrayal of trust. After all if it does not mean anything then why hide it?

The hardest questions after a betrayal is asking yourself are you willing to trust enough to continue to love in the face of betrayal. Is that relationship worth saving and if so are you willing to forgive? All hard questions to face. Each answer is unique to each individual circumstance, depending on the level of betrayal, the relationship status, kids etc.

A really close friend of mine told me once, if you are going to forgive then you must forgive and forget and never talk about what happened again. Otherwise it's better to let him go, if you cannot let "it" go. That really got to me and as I contemplated about it more I realize she was right. Sometimes we say "If I let it go and forgive him and not bring it up no more, its like saying that what he does is ok" so we want to keep him on the hook to remind him of what he did and how he hurt us. But at the same time in order to keep him on the hook we have to stay there with him, suffering and in pain because you want to remind him that he hurt you over and over, and in doing so you cannot allow your self to heal.

Personally when I have been betrayed in the past (I am talking pre marriage, I was always lucky enough to pick all the cheaters) I would clam up and hold everything in. I was reluctant to tell anyone about my pain (besides my sister [who has been my best friend since childhood]). I would hold on to the situation and re-enact it in my mind as to punish myself, thinking I was to blame for being cheated on. I would put on a tough face for everyone (which was really hard) but I was hurting inside.

Nowadays I believe that you should just let it out, talk to people about it, if you don’t have someone to talk to then just write out your feelings (like I am doing with my column), just let it out, don’t hold back your feelings, they will only fluctuate into a monster that will attack you when you least expect it.

Learning to trust again can be challenging but very worth it. Me, I took a chance and whether I get hurt again then that is a chance I am willing to take. I would rather have or try to have a happy marriage knowing that we are a strong family and that my kids have a happy household than to be bitter and end something not knowing if it could have worked out and destroy my family because of my insecurities and for not taking a chance to be loved or risk getting hurt once more. (That does not mean that I will have a flawless marriage, all it means that I am willing to fight for my marriage, and not give up on what God
joined together)

Like I said every circumstance is different depending on the level of betrayal. My wound did hurt a lot emotionally for months and is still lingers in my thoughts every now and then, but compared to cheating and other forms of betrayal mine is one I can forgive and a wound that has begun to heal and will close up through the passage of time.

If it is worth it to forgive then do anything and everything to make your relationship work. If it is not worth it then let that person go, why keep them around so that the both of you can be miserable. Let it go and move on, or stay and fight for what is yours (not fight literally, unless you both are into that stuff and that is a whole different subject).

If you have any comments or questions feel free to contact me at laangel1727@yahoo.com



October 23, 2007

Brian's Song - Butterfly Caught

Week #3... Say it with me Marie: WHOO!!

I really like this new format. It's looking good, it sounds good, overall you can't complain. It's a definite improvement over last year.

So I started things off with some head banging rock, followed it up with Aphex Twin, now I think we should go a different route. This band is a personal favorite here at TBF. We love em, we live em and for some of us, they'll even make out to it. (not me, I have papers to work on, a column doesn't make itself people!)

So while I work here I give you guys good mellow beats, great visuals, all around one of my favorite videos.

So here you go kids, Massive Attack for this week's Brian's Song: "Butterfly Caught"

"Butterfly Caught" is off of "100th Window" available online or check your local music stores.

Um, let's see... I need paperclips, note pads, pens...Marie, what else do we need??? Damn this office shopping list...

Stay true, Stay you,

Until Next Time Kiddies,


October 19, 2007

Echoes of the Factor - 10/19/07

Comment Submitted By The Cerebral Cortex Re: Mariedom: Intro:

(Chorus of voices): "Hi Marie!"

First off, you're right. "Marie-dom" is a terrible name. Why not call it something like "Unhindered" instead? Or even "Action Without Restraint." Those are just taken from the dictionary definition of "freedom."

And you're right. You'd be much more likely to don the blood red corset and fishnet stockings and wield a leather-bound paddle, I think.

"I believe in human equality and universal fair treatment."

Heh! So do I. I've seen it from time to time. But it's just like that "free lunch" thing. Sure, sometimes you really do get one for free, but it's pretty darn rare.

Response from Marie:

Hi Cobby!

First off, I'm a Robert A. Heinlein fan. "TANSTAAFL" is mentioned in nearly all his books, and hopefully I've learned more than that cats that walk through walls say "Blert" and that the most enjoyable perks of human liberation is promiscuous sex and spray-on "clothing".

Of course, equality can never be entirely equal in any pluralist society. I don't think that sociopaths with sadistic inclinations should have the freedom to go around, say, putting babies on spikes. (Just an example. I'm sure Eddie Izzard wasn't serious about doing that and I'm not calling him a sadistic sociopath.) I just don't want judgments to be made on superficial traits and behaviors that don't harm other people; e.g. skin color, sexual identity, religion, etc. Once a person uses those beliefs to encroach on others' rights, then they should be stopped. I don't know how; while I am a critic of the current American prison system, I'm not an expert that can offer an alternate way of doing things.

Basically, I believe that most people just want to lead good lives without interfering and the interference of others' lives.

Response from Brian:

Hey! I came up with that name... ok fine. If anyone comes up with a better name than we'll use it.


Comment/Challenge Submitted By: The Cerebral Cortex Re: Brian's Song - Come To Daddy":

I don't know how hard you like your music, but I'm particularly fond of a wonderful genre of music -- Neue Deutsche Härte, known as "New German Hardness" to those unfortunate enough not to understand German. Or Neute Deutsche Härrrrrrrrrrrrte, if you really like to rrrrrrroll your r's.

Anyway. I hereby nominate your choice of Du Oder Ich, Showdown or Hurra - Wir Leben Noch by the German band Megaherz (off their album Himmelfahrt) as a song of the week analysis thing. Have at it. Unless you're too weak to take it.

Response From Brian:

A challenge? Really?.... OK I'll check it out.

Response From Marie:

Heh heh. "Himmelfahrt." Funny word. I looked it up and it didn't quite mean what I thought it meant.


Comment Submitted By Angel Re: TBF: Technology:

I think you are right, as far as we depend on tech stuff to substitute or unwind our lives, I find that I just go home after work, cook, play with kids and go watch TV, it seems that the day speeds up so fast with wasted time on TV, than when you go to the park or movie or dinner, the time goes slower as you enjoy your self more. Plus we rely on cars to much, some people drive a few blocks just to avoid walking, then we wonder why so much people have gained a significant amount of weight, we are becoming too lazy and depending on technology too much. I guess we just got to stop and realize that, and come up with better ways to change those things, but then again some people may be too lazy to even want to think. (my thoughts are all fun and games, I do not mean to offend no one, what am I talking about this is the TBF after all)

Response From Brian:

I agree, I'll be the first to admit being guilty of these crimes. I've made an effort to curb those habits and now my time with technology is pretty limited in my home life. Office work aside, I watch a total of five hours of TV a day and I spend two hours on the computer of which applies solely to whatever work I have to finish here.

It is in my personal belief that our generation has retained a generic form of ADD that allows us to wander from one shiny, flashing image to another and in the process we block out most of the outside world and the only thing that can now keep our attention is TV and PS3. There a fair share of blame to go around, Society as a whole pushes in our heads that we can't be a part of the mainstream unless we play the online games that are common with PS3 and XBOX.

So... I can't meet new people and make new friends unless I stay inside and play a video game...

Also to blame are the parents who decided that sticking the kids in front of a screen qualifies as "raising their kids". So instead of connecting to your kid, we connect to Big Bird and Elmo and America's first openly gay couple: Bert and Ernie.. (you know they were)

Hell I learned to count from the Count: "Von, Too, Three..AH AH AH!!

Thank God that had no long term effect on me.. HA HA HA... 69!!

As for your comment about cars, I do agree but I'd also like to point out that while making a specific plan when you go out and actually sticking to it rarely happens. Every time I've made plans with friends I'd make a simple plan like catching a movie, or just hanging out, but as the night progresses, you decide to grab a bite to eat, then hit another friend's house, find out about a party across town, etc. etc.

So I agree that walking instead of driving has benefits (Health, pollution, breaking in those new boots) but if you know that you are the type to jump on a whim, then I'd just say grab your car.

Anyway, There's probably a million more but I don't feel like boring you with them. I mean literally I would have to turn each TBF into a book in order to cover everything I had to say.


I know we didn't get a huge number of comments this time but that's ok, I know that we're just getting back into the swing of things and we have new columns, it takes time to fully find a groove for all the fans.

I already know that Marie isn't going to be happy about the outcome and I can understand her frustration. What we do here is to provoke thought and I admit that a lack of response from you does gives us the impression that we're not doing our jobs right. But I always remember that I'm not going for the credit of being a "Savior" or "Hero". Hell, if I do my job with TBF, then I should recieve little to no credit and give the impression that I had nothing to do with it at all.

Hey, I'm too neurotic to be a hero. (My new shrink just identified me as neurotic yesterday, in fact!) I'm just happy that a couple people out there are reading this. I like to write and Brian likes to blab (he was voted "Most Talkative" senior year of high school), so we're mainly doing this for ourselves. If other people read it, get a laugh or some ideas from what we say, it's awesome. Plus, we love kicking up shit and hope that people will think and there thoughts and actions will cause a bigger ripple in society to change it for the better. I know that if I help open someone's mind to a new idea that people aren't all that different or lead them to realize that something about the system is going bad, then I'll be happy.


October 17, 2007

Brian's Song - Come to Daddy

Here we go. Week two into the new season, and how can I top Lemmy? Seriously?

I mean I grew up in a household where rock is law and thus Lemmy is God.

Oh wait never mind, I figured it out. So here we go...

In the past, anytime I wrote up a song to be spotlighted, I'd usually go for songs that had great lyrical depth. Songs that would normally fit well on a writing blog: Something Poetic or a description of an experience from life.

So now that we're showcasing videos I'd like to focus on different types of music. Whether it's hearing the song that can move you and/or something equally if not more visually impactful. I want to in general step up our game here. After looking through my video collection I found the perfect video to best expressive this belief.

I've admitted before to being a huge Aphex Twin fan. Many a time I'd be listening to "Drukqs", "I Care Because You Do", "Richard D. James Album" and especially his EP's "Windowlicker" and of course "Come To Daddy." My main love for it stems from the fact that I think it's beautiful.

I mean realistically the music can be described as random, chaotic, repetitive, sometimes abrasive (Ventolin), and at times has created a vibe of surrealism to my job or whatever I'm doing at the time and ironically I can't recall a time while listening
to him that I haven't felt more at peace, weird.

I'd like to think it was something simple like I see beauty in random and chaotic things. That or I'm batshit crazy... can't really tell.

So here is the visual genius of Chris Cunningham and the audio collage that is Aphex Twin here for this week's Brian's Song: "Come To Daddy"

type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="353">

"Come To Daddy" is the title track off of Aphex Twin's seventh EP "Come To Daddy" available online or check your local music stores.

(I know, the album cover is a bit creepy.)

Goddamn, if I'm gonna keep stepping up my game then by the time we wrap up in June, I'll have nothing left...

Stay true, Stay you,

Until Next Time Kiddies,


October 16, 2007

Soundboard - 10/16/07

Great to see we still have fans!

Last week went absolutely perfect. I couldn't have imagined anything better... (Well, there was my original idea of opening up our week with female mud wrestling, but naturally there were legal and financial difficulties. Plus Marie refused to referee the match. I don't know why she wouldn't do it.)

Anyway, so this Friday is the Season Premiere of "Echoes" with one very special new rule: Any and all comments/questions submitted to any column will be posted here. (That made no sense.)

[Marie: Any comments posted on any of the previous week's entries by Brian, Lady Temptress, Angel, or myself on the blog or were emailed in will be compiled and released together in one big (hopefully) "Echoes" every other Friday, beginning with this week.]

So questions, comments, death threats, paternity suits.. send 'em all in and hear what "The B Team" has to say...

Note to self (by which I mean Marie): I have to come up with a better team name!

[Marie: Didn't you read the first paragraph of my column last week? Or am I supposed to act as an auxilery memory device for your brain?]


October 11, 2007

TBF- Technology (The Season Premiere)

Since the beginning of time, man has created tools for survival and to control his environment. As the years millenia passed, our achievements grew from the natural wonders of our world (i.e. fire and the manipulation of rivers and crops to a new world: a digital world.

In our creating we were able to build many bridges and give old ideas a new sanctuary. But do the products of our minds really give us a new level of freedom? Or have we created a form of dependency that can never be undone?

We'll find out today as The Brian Factor discusses Technology.

"Technologic" by Daft Punk

"Technology" can be defined many ways. The dictionary defines it as such:

"Technology (noun): The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes."

Technology can be found in pretty much everything today: communications, business, economics, healthcare, science; even as learning tools and recreation. Technology has also been found in an unfortunate area as well: war.

Now, looking at this list, you could imagine how this looks to be a verrry long and potentially boring column, and I agree with you. So thankfully I'll focus on a couple of the more notable electronic devices and their basic pros and cons; I'll also address a growing epidemic within our generation.

So first the Pros and Cons....


In the late 1980's, the concept of a mobile phone came into fruition and the result was a telephone for the well-to-do, on-the-go. Now, 20 years later, everybody and their uncle has one, and the cell phone has officially topped a person's list of things they carry with them at all times above house keys and ID. (Ooh... I had a good joke-filled rant there but, dammit, I can't type that fast. it's official, I need a webcam!)

- The ability to contact anyone, anywhere in the world

- The person you're trying to reach is never there... (Marie)

[Marie: Actually, my parents' ranch has no coverage and my phone sits uselessy gethering dust. (Time to rethink that "pro" of yours.)]

- Sleek, sexy phones that say "I'm cool".

- Fashion compromises function
(I have thick fingers, people! I don't like trying to explain a mistyped text. "I wasn't calling you a 'shithead,' I was just trying to say "Hi".)

- 24/7 Availability

- 24/7 Availability

("Why are you calling me at 3 in the morning? I will not post bail for you!" Also, you can't really ever hide from someone anymore. If they have your number, they can reach you. Sure, you can claim to be at the movies, but you can't bullshit people forever.)

- Having a great custom plan to fit your every day life that doesn't have you break the bank.

- They use so much legalese in those contracts: "2 years minimum, nights and weekends, every third Wednesday give $50 bucks, your phone doesn't work in 48 out of 50 states unless you quack like a duck while flapping your arms!" (it's in the fine print.)

Don't be surprised if one day you have to give 'em your first born.


Who doesn't work with computers nowadays?? Seriously, who? Can't really name too many can you? Well if you can, you're probably a minority working a crappy job for scraps or as a group of hooded white men once told me: "You're in your place, where y'all belong". (Please note that The Brian Factor is anti-PC. We may say things that will shock and possibly offend many of you and if it does... Tough.)

All racial prejudice aside, about 90% of all inside businesses use computers and, again, what was once for the well-to-do is now a common item found in most homes today. Yay progress!!

- Porn

- Records of porn sites you visited "somehow" find their way to your Parents/ Significant Other...

(Thankfully Marie and I have learned to acquire our porn through reputable sources, right Marie?)

[Marie: The term is "erotic photography/film/fiction," not porn.]

- Everyday new software/ hardware is being developed to ensure quality service and security.

- The fact that you believe having the same computer for over six months is a bad thing.

Even Steve Jobs said it in that letter to the public about the iPhone:
"Being in technology for 30+ years I can attest to the fact that the technology road is bumpy. There is always change and improvement, and there is always someone who bought a product before a particular cutoff date and misses the new price or the new operating system or the new whatever. This is life in the technology lane. If you always wait for the next price cut or to buy the new improved model, you'll never buy any technology product because there is always something better and less expensive on the horizon."
-Steve [Jobs,] Apple CEO

In other words, people: Your shit works. If it's broke, you broke it.

- The information super highway is your one stop for all your inquisitive needs.

- Can you really consider something you see online as credible?

(I want to believe this article on global warming, but I keep seeing that flashing popup that promises to enlarge my penis! And I can't do that and offer to help the Exiled Prince of Nigeria by giving him my bank account number at the same time! I am not a magician people!)


Before I go into rant mode, I found a quote to help start us off:

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity."
- Albert Einstein

And a stretch to the left, stretch to the right (AHH, my sciatica) and (neck crack) Ok, here we go....

Now let's be honest here people.

A growing epidemic that's affecting our society and more notably our generation is the fact that our lives aren't being lived as they once were. 15 years ago, many of us were nothing but kids who ran, jumped, played sports, and had actual human contact for at least 12 hours a day. Now look at us: in an era of Wifi, cell phones, PS3, IM and porn, I'm lucky if I'm out for at least two hours a day. I mean, I still have energy and I know I can go out and do stuff (I kicked Marie's ass in a volleyball game at a 4th of July block party once.) But seriously, this new era of electronics isn't a complete blessing.

Originally, when we were able to do so much from the comfort of our homes with our computer, it was considered a blessing and you couldn't lie. Having the ability to accomplish more in little to no time seemed like a genuine miracle. It gave us the time we needed to live our lives more, but doing so much without using the energy eventually created a blow back none of us could've foreseen. We became more lazy. I remember as a child my ratio of being outside/playing Nintendo were like 4:1; now they're pretty much 1:6 and that's going from ages 7 to 23... you do the math.

But we can't just blame being lazy as the only reason. A couple of weeks ago I was with Marie and her boyfriend Curtis and we were talking about this topic. We all agreed that the majority of society is becoming too dependent upon computers to act as their official representative to the outside world. As I thought about it, it hit me why it's easier to stay inside and be cut off from the outside: it's safe.

Being inside and online means you don't expose yourself. By communicating with people via instant messaging instead of face-to-face, for example, you won't be putting yourself in a situation where you might have your feelings hurt. I'll be the first to admit that it's hard to be a part of the world: you're often judged on how you look, what you wear, what you believe in (and the politics sure as hell aren't helping). I'd be lying if I said that I don't feel like staying here all the time and avoiding all the drama and the bullshit.

But I can't. Everything that I am, good and bad, is the direct result of what I encountered everyday in my life outside. I have had my fair shares of rejection and heartache, but I also have the experiences of meeting people that I care about and spending time with my friends and family. I often remind myself that, no matter what, all the stuff I do online is just stuff I do, and it is not the absolute definition to my life.

So after reading this, click "Save", "Delete", "Home," whatever, and just log off and go get some fresh air, whether it's rain or shine. Different is different, and different can be good. If you still feel like you can't face the outside world, just remember: We're all in the same boat: some of us may have thicker armor, but inside, we're all scared, so you're not alone.

So to close us off this week I found ONE MORE QUOTE to wrap it all up in a neat little bow:

"We've arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces."
- Carl Sagan



'T.K.O./Love: (The emotional roller coaster)' - 10/10/07

TBF Presents: ''T.K.O./Love: (The emotional roller coaster)'' - 10/10/07

High Expectations

We all have expectations. However, unrealistic expectations will end up being direct paths to disappointment and unhappiness in your marriage or relationship. These include having false expectations, believing in the myths about marriage, thinking that someone else can make you happy, trying to read one another's mind, wanting to do everything together, and wanting to have a perfect marriage(trust me, there is no such thing). When these are not identified or verbalized, they can create great barriers in your marriage.

Do you ever find yourself in an argument with you man (or woman) because of high expectations? For example you feel that just because he did not make special plans for your birthday last year and you TOLD him that he better do something special for you this year, and you get disappointed when for your birthday all you get is a “happy birthday” and a blank stare. What do you do, get upset right, after all did you or did you not tell him last year that you expected him to take you out and do the whole romantic thing (when you know that you man/woman is not into all of that).

We often set ourselves to failure when we try to change the person we are with by trying to make them be who we want them to be. I fall victim to this never-ending trap myself. My husband is not into that whole “make a big deal for birthdays, and holidays” to him sadly it’s just another day. (Although I got to admit he did tell me recently that he has realized how important birthdays are and that he will try to make a more of a big deal about them because he knows what they mean to me and our kids et.) [and it only took me 10 years for him to realize this]

But you got to realize, part of why my husband is like that is because of his background, see he never grew up embracing birthdays or having celebrations over Thanksgiving, Christmas et, he was not raised in an environment like that. He has been on his own since he was 16. He lost his mother to breast cancer at that age leaving him alone to fend for himself. His father (who he was not much in touch with) died within a year after his mom. So when we met he has always been the “I don’t need anyone in my life” type of person. Basically meaning “I have been on my own all this time that I am use to being alone”. It is sad but with a wife and kids now he is realizing that he past does not have to dictate his future. The future is changeable. Now going back to “unrealistic expectations” it is important that we remember that things aren’t always going to go the way we want them to go all the time.

So what I have learned (and I apply it to my everyday life, ok I don’t but I should, and I am trying to) is to not expect things from the person you are with, that way you wont be disappointed. Now don’t get me wrong, by no means do I mean lowering your standards, what I mean is to be realistic, and respect one another’s character. If the person you are with is the same person he was when you met, then you knew what you were getting yourself into, so don’t think just because we get married he is going to automatically morph into this “idealistic” person you have in your imagination. You are setting yourself up for failure. But know this, time is the cure and the solution of all or most of any problems you will face in your relationship. With time people mature, and they can and will change (If they are willing to, you cannot change a person who is not willing to change, sometimes it takes changing your points of views). If you are not willing to stand up for this, then maybe they are not the person you should be with.

But if your relationship is worth holding on to, let me tell you it takes patience, arguments (probably lots of them), endurance and most important of all is compromise, a marriage without compromise is like a car without gas, you cannot expect to drive if your tank is on empty; likewise you cannot expect to succeed in your relationship if you are not on the same page. You have to come to an agreement even if it means to agree to disagree.

Hopefully, your expectations will include being able to lovingly resolve conflicts, to appreciate your differences as individuals, to respect and cherish one another, and to be able to discuss values and priorities. Never be afraid to talk about any subject that you have. After all, how can he meet your expectations if you expect him to read your mind? It’s not going to happen.

Until next time



October 10, 2007

Soundboard - 10/10/07

Three days into our new schedule, I still can't believe that we've developed so much. I know that we're still in the middle of launching everything but I definitely wanted to thank everyone for your support and I want to especially thank Marie, Lady Temptress, Angel and H.C. for all the great work you've done and all the greatness I know you still have to show both me and everyone.

We still have Angel's column to post and of course our season premiere of The Brian Factor this Friday, and while I wanted to wait until Friday to reveal the leet message, I think now is the perfect time, so Marie... start praising, this is last time you'll ever have to see leet:

[Editor's Note: L33t omitted for sanity's sake. Translation follows:]

"Whatever happens in this life, I will live it to the fullest. I will know fear, I will know pain, I will know my dreams and fantasies. I will know my fears and nightmares. I will stand, I will fight and I will win because above all else, the one thing I don't know how to do... is stop."

And now on with the show,

- Brian Rodriguez

[Editor: :P]


Brian's Song - "Shake Your Blood"

Well, after some well deserved time off, we're back for another season of kick-ass tunes and this time around we're playing a whole new game. We're utilizing our ability to play videos so that way we can not only allow you to think but now you can bang your head as well.

So the grand debate was how do I start this season off? I mean I knew I wanted something to really get people moving but with a world full of music, you'd imagine that my options were a bit on the many side.

So naturally at this point I would turn to Marie for guidance but she threw out Placebo. So I naturally went the opposite direction and went into my rock collection. It was there that the words of my uncle came to me and I remembered one of the main rules of Rock n Roll:

"Lemmy is God"

So, newly invigorated I sought out the man who could usher in a new season properly: Lemmy Kilminster.

Anyone could easily pick out a Motšrhead song but I went a different route and chose a song from a couple years ago where Lemmy teamed up with Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl on the project "Probot".

So here you go kids, Lemmy and Dave Grohl kicking ass and taking names for this week's Brian's Song: "Shake Your Blood"

"Shake Your Blood" is off of Probot's self-titled album "Probot" available online or check your local music stores.

Goddamn, it's good to be back and this time we're not taking any prisoners...

Stay true, Stay you,

Until Next Time Kiddies,


October 09, 2007

Lady Temptress: Sexucation

Salutations, Lady Temptress here to serve you,... oh I mean at your service!

All this sex talk might require you to have a towel, lotion (or not) and a locked door! No, I'm, just kidding... or am I?

You will never know with me!

Now lets get started, or as I like to say "Time to get down and dirty"!

Oooh la la la! Sex! Where should I begin? Normally I start at the south pole and work my way up north and I then meet my west with his south pole! If you get my drift, if you don't, well you must have not of given a BJ (blow job)!!!!! (THAT’S A WHOLE OTHER SUBJECT WE WILL SOON GET INTO MORE DETAIL LATER!!!!!!!!!!)

I'm the first of a female to say that I love to give a good blow job! For some women, that is the most gusting thing they can do to a man, but if you love him, and in a serious relationship & you don't want him to have his D**K sucked elsewhere, then you better get started. Or even if you're not in a serious relationship and just want to blow a guys mind a way for your pleasure DO IT!

Don't be afraid! There are so many things you can do to make your sex life better then it has to be. Life it to short to not live out fantasies!. I my self like to pretend I'm someone else, like a porn star! Our be the person I would never really be in real life! Sex is what you make of it!

The number one thing is COMMUNICATION, if you don't talk about your do's and don't's then your sex life will be a normal as peanut butter and jelly! Many people are afraid to tell there loved one, "I don't like when you do this", but no one is never afraid to say "oh I love how you...."! If you are in a relationship, you should be able to talk to that person. I myself, do! I talk to my sex slave all the time about what I don't like or what I do, and even what I would like to try!

If your not in a relationship, this is the time for you to build your knowledge of sex! Be spontaneous, F**K all the time, learn some new things! Don't be afraid to have fun. Some people have one night stands, and when you have that you can be the person you would never be, after all you'll never see that person again. Unless you were really drink and did not realize you signed a waiver to release the video titled, One Night In You! That’s a whole other topic (VIDEOS)!!!

I'm adventures woman. I'm not scared to say that I love SEX! I've done the deed in fun places and not so fun places. Over all my sex adventures have been, well mind blowing!!! I would really like your feed back, or even questions that you may have. You might want me to give you some pointers on how to start to be that sex kitten in bed or tiger! Or if you would like me to give you some tips on the "Perfect Blow Job", then I'm your girl!!! Please e-mail me at ladytemptresstbf@yahoo.com

Please remember that while doing the act of sex, please use protection! That is the number one thing! You could go as far as, you and your partner making a day of STD testing @ your local clinic! Remember you have one life to have sex, so make sure you use protection!

Until next time, have sex, give a BJ, bust out the whipped cream, have a quickie!

Lady Temptress


October 07, 2007

Intro to 'Mariedom'

Okay, so first off, I didn’t come up with that column title “Marie-dom.” I guess it’s supposed to be a pun of “freedom,” but I don’t think it works that well; it gives me a mental picture of myself dressed in black leather and wielding a cat o’ nine. (And while that image may excite some people, I am totally not like that.) But because I have a long history of being bad at naming things (my favorite childhood stuffed bear was named “Bear”) the title’s gonna have to stick until the unlikely event that I come up with something better or get an awesome suggestion from some of you folks.

I was planning on kicking this column off by simply jumping in on some specific topic. Then I thought that maybe you would all like to know where I’m coming from. Then I figured that if you guys really wanted to know you could check out the links to my MySpace page and my blog Insert Catchy Title Here. (See? I suck at naming things!) Then the Boss said that everybody with new columns was just going to introduce themselves this week.

Well, I’m not new. I’ve been posting Brian’s writings on TBF blog for a long time now, as well as doing the Editor’s/Archiver’s Notes, and making those little maroon comments that usually poke fun at Brian. If you’ve been on the mailing lists for the last couple years, I was the person that wrote in those really long responses for Echoes. Yes. I am that Marie.

And now you’re thinking, “Damn! I ain’t planning on reading to a whole page of shit every other week!” Which I totally understand, because I’ve been through college (doing the minimum amount of reading that I could get away with) and I myself sometimes end up just scanning through some of what Brian writes.

Let me reassure you: I don’t think I’ll be posting three pages every single time. I’m rarely long-winded on my usual blog. And when my essays do run long, I promise I’ll do my best to make frequent jokes and be funny.

So. About me.... I'm currently 23. I'll be finished with my sociology B.A. in November. I like science fiction, action movies, and video games. For the past few months I've been dragging my heels and reluctantly searching for a job. My boyfriend Curtis and I have been together for over four years. I'm an agnostic. I believe in human equality and universal fair treatment. I prefer cool colors over warm ones and cool weather over hot temperatures. I don't do drugs, and drink very rarely. I like animals and kids. I hate to cook, but I like to write.

…And that's all anybody needs to know right now. Or at least all I'm willing to tell people tonight. I'm rather tired. If you ever want to read more written by or about me, you have only to click either of the links above.



October 03, 2007

Soundboard - 10/03/07 (part 2)

\/\/|-|473\/3R |-|4PP3|\|5 1|\| 7|-|15 L1Ph3, 1 \/\/1LL L1\/3 17 70 7|-|3 PhULL357. 1 \/\/1LL |<|\|0\/\/ Ph34R, 1 \/\/1LL |<|\|0\/\/ p41|\|, 1 \/\/1LL |<|\|0\/\/ /\/\'/ dR34/\/\5 4|\|D Ph4|\|745135. 1 \/\/1LL |<|\|0\/\/ /\/\'/ Ph34R5 4|\|D |\|19|-|7/\/\4R35. 1 \/\/1LL 574|\|D, 1 \/\/1LL Ph19|-|7 4|\|D 1 \/\/1LL \/\/1|\| b3(4U53 4B0\/3 4LL 3L53, 7|-|3 0|\|3 7|-|1|\|9 1 d0|\|'7 |<|\|0\/\/ |-|0\/\/ 70 d0... 15 570P.

What you see above you is special message from Brian. If you can decypher it, then you'll know what lies deep in his heart.

Try your best to figure it out. The translation will be posted next week as the opener to The Brian Factor.

[Editor's note to Brian: L33t is so 1997. It is over. And this dialect is excruciatingly difficult to read. Not to mention ugly. No more. Please. Never again. *writhes in pain*

I only copy and paste this soundboard in protest to the practice of censorship and because of my belief in freedom of speech. ]


Soundboard - 10/03/07



A1M0ST T1M3,

R34dY T0 P14Y??



October 01, 2007

Editor's Note

Hi. I'm working on archiving all the entries on this blog. While I'm doing that, I also may be editing previous entries that I come across that still have misspellings, so old articles may pop up as "new" ones on RSS feeds. Reread some of the classics if you want, or just ignore them.

See you all in about a week!