October 29, 2006

Soundboard: Shitacle

"SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!"

If you've not had a chance to read TBF on it's new homepage, then you've missed out on (My Editor) Marie's well deserved rant that BITACLE (or as I'm calling them "SHITACLE") has been stealing content from numerous blogs and reposting without permission on their site. In response, Marie's altered the TBF RSS feed to prevent them from taking content.

I don't do this for money, if I did, I'd been writing this column in a newspaper or some other mass media publication, and I'm all for sharing this column with complete strangers and to the public, but endorsements and pop ups. Those are things I'm not about, I've never tried to promote anything other then original thinking and of course the other thing of me having no involvment in SHITACLE and their posting a column that bears my name, that fuckin pisses me off.

So to SHITACLE I say with a open heart and full conviction:



October 27, 2006

Editor's Note: Notice about TBF RSS feed

TBF blog RSS feed will no longer show the entire entry. This is to prevent the content from being stolen by Bitacle who will make money from it. You can read my rant explaining the situation here or get an official explanation here.


October 26, 2006

TBF: Drugs

The Perfect Drug (Nine Inch Nails)
I got my head but my head is unraveling,
Can't keep control, can't keep track of where it's traveling.
I got my heart but my heart's no good,
And you're the only one that's understood.

I come along but I don't know where you're taking me,
I shouldn't go but you're wrenching, dragging, shaking me.
Turn off the sun, pull the stars from the sky,
The more I give to you the more I die.

And I want you
And I want you

You are the perfect drug
The perfect drug
The perfect drug

You are the perfect drug
The perfect drug
The perfect drug...

You make me hard when I'm all soft inside,
I see the truth when I'm all stupid-eyed.
The arrow goes straight through my heart,
Without you everything just falls apart.

My blood wants to say hello to you
My fears want to get inside of you
My soul is so afraid to realize
How very little good is left of me

And I want you
And I want you

You are the perfect drug
The perfect drug
The perfect drug

You are the perfect drug
The perfect drug
The perfect drug....

Without you,
Without you everything falls apart.

Without you,
It's not as much fun to pick up the pieces.

Without you,
Without you everything falls apart.

Without you,
It's not as much fun to pick up the pieces....

A lit joint, a syringe full and waiting for a vein, some pills in your hand, a line on the table waiting to be snorted. We often know that we're putting stuff in our body that has no real reason to be there, so why do we do it? Are you hurting from some great pain? Peer pressure? Were you looking for that escape from what you consider an uneventful life?

I could go on and say this is wrong and that is wrong, and you're ruining your life but like I said when I first started this... I can't judge you. All I can do is simply lay out all the facts in front of you and let you be the judge.

So for my first official topic this year's The Brian Factor...

We're talking: DRUGS!!

When most drugs are created, it's usually in help save a life, to aid in curing disease, yet taking that same drug when you're absolutely healthy does damage to yourself, it alters your perception and extensive abuse can lead to either long term health problems and of course more common than not, a risk of overdosing because you get it in your head that your indestructible and thus the more you take, the better the high and that you'll come out it just fine.

Morality and Religious Beliefs

Some hold the position that consciously altering one's mind or state of consciousness is morally unjustifiable, and or against God's will as the creator of the human mind.

For example, the Qur'an advises against the use of 'al-khamri' (intoxicants, derived from 'khamara', to cover, i.e. substances that 'cover one's mind' or 'cloud one's judgment'), saying 'in them, there is a gross sin, and some benefits for the people. But their sinfulness far outweighs their benefit.' (2:219), and that they are 'abominations of the devil; you shall avoid them, that you may succeed.'

In Judaeo-Christianity, the Bible is famously silent on drugs that are illicit today, though makes frequent mention of wine. Isaiah 5:11-12 was a key quote of the Temperance movement: "Woe to those who rise early in the morning to run after their drinks, who stay up late at night till they are inflamed with wine. They have harps and lyres at their banquets, tambourines and flutes and wine, but they have no regard for the deeds of the Lord, no respect for the work of his hands".

In Scientology, drugs are viewed as a cause of spiritual damage and bodily contamination, with addiction being an obstacle to self-fulfillment. Ironic, since I normally consider Scientology not be a Religion and anyone associated with the church to be
just straight up out of their fuckin minds but "The enemy of my enemy is my friend".

In secular philosophy, as drug use is largely focused on individual or group leisure, drug taking is sometimes criticized as a self-centered, non-altruistic or selfish activity, and is subject to similar moral criticism levelled at egoism and hedonism.

Many religious groups including the Uni‹o do Vegetal, Native American Church and Rastafarian use psychoactive substances as sacrament in religious rituals. In some religious practice, drugs are sometimes used as a conduit to an oceanic feeling or
divine union, equated with mysticism or entheogenic ('that which causes God to be within an individual') experiences. In others, the 'entactogenic' qualities of drugs are used to enhance feelings of empathy among congregations.

Drugs, One of Our Great Personal Freedoms?

The ever growing debate of drugs and it's usage even falls under question of our own freedoms. Many believe what people do in private should not be regulated by the government. It is argued that people should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies, including the recreational use of drugs, we get tattoos, we we get piercings, we drink caffeine and smoke tobacco, as long as they do not harm others then they're should be no reason to doubts a person's abilities of self control. Such arguments often cite the harm principle of philosopher John Stuart Mill who urged that the state had no right to intervene to prevent individuals from doing something that harmed them, if no harm was thereby done to the rest of society: 'Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign' and 'The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not sufficient warrant. This argument was used in relation to recreational drug use by Aleister Crowley. The argument is that drug use is a victimless crime and as such the government has no right to prohibit it or punish drug consumers, much like the government does not forbid overeating, which causes significantly more deaths per year. This can be equated with the quest for freedom of thought.

How Sweet The Forbidden Fruit can be...

The war on drugs is counterproductive to the goal of discouraging drug use. The primary mechanism for this is reverse psychology. Forbidden things become fodder for rebellion, and illegal drugs have been popularized by this perception. In addition there is a great disparity of The United States's ability to enforce drug laws among those above and below the age of 18, and this causes high school aged people to become the conduit through which drugs are distributed, contravening the original "protect the children" intentions.

This argument is often summed up as the allure of the forbidden fruit, which is increased because it is forbidden. Often times I cite being fully informed and having too much of a rebellious nature as the reason I've never used drugs, I admit the temptation presented itself many times over but my over zealous rebellious side took over and since the norm was for my peers to use drugs, and I was against the norm then in turn I would choose to live clean while my peers would use and thus creating who I am today.

Possible compromises

Partial legalization of drugs, or decriminalization, might satisfy both pro and con of this issue, as well as solving many of the problems that drugs cause. In a compromise, drugs would remain illegal, but drug addicts who are non-violent and are convicted for drug possession would go to a drug rehabilitation clinic instead of prison. (Currently, treatment is available for only about 15% of the U.S.'s drug addicts. Now, some people convicted of minor drug offenses may be sentenced to rehabilitation instead of prison.) Drug addicts would then be treated as the diseased, and not treated as criminals. Possession of drugs would be an infraction rather than a felony. Drug dealers, violent drug addicts/possessors and addicts who possess a large quantity of drugs (probably for sale and not personal use) would continue to go to jail as before, as felons.

This would greatly reduce overcrowded prison populations and increase real prison time for serious criminals such as murderers. For example, a murderer who is sentenced 20 years to life, but who only serves 7 actual years due to prison overcrowding, will serve about 10 years of real time when the compromise reduces prison population. By being soft on minor criminals, penalties become harder on major criminals who commit victim crimes.

One plausible solution has been described thus: decriminalization of drugs would allow addicts to receive medical aid and free drugs from the clinic. Drug addicts would come back to the clinic regularly for the free drugs. Drug dealers would be unable to sell their drugs to addicts who get the drugs for free. The drug dealer would have to move to another country where drugs are illegal in order to sell drugs. With no dealers to catch, police can focus their limited resources on hunting down murderers, rapists, kidnappers, and other serious criminals. The number of robberies would be reduced - formerly
committed by addicts who spend the stolen money on drugs. There would be fewer police deaths because there would be no shootouts between drug dealers and police. Drug pushers would not be walking around asking people if they want to buy drugs as in the Netherlands (where light drug usage is "tolerated"), because they will go to jail, as usual. Decriminalization has several central problems. Providing addicts with drugs requires additional funding, especially to distinguish recreational users from addicts. Since clinics would be supplied by corporations, this essentially constitute partial legalization. Without the clinic scenario, decriminalization may exacerbate problems. Since the vast majority of negative impact to society stems from black market culture (i.e. organized crime and dealer disputes), prohibition will gain more support. Decriminalization would not eliminate the black market culture. Some claim it may not be morally acceptable to incarcerate people for selling products that are legal to possess, or if not actually legal, only a civil offense.

Critics of partial decriminalization - who may either be on the side of prohibition or legalization - warn that the decriminalization of a soft drug (for example, cannabis) in an area may lead to increased sale of harder drugs (for example, heroin). The problems associated with illegal heroin use (fatalities, muggings, burglaries, use of infected needles) would rise in the area, possibly leading the authorities to conclude that the full legalization of cannabis would exacerbate the situation. Furthermore, in the case of cannabis decriminalization the sale of the drug would still be illegal, and revenue from it would still go into the pockets of criminals instead of the government's treasury.

My Two Cents

In the world of drugs, there is no clear cut answer, as long as it exists there is both black and white and unfortunately a lot of gray in between. It's funny how this one thing splinters into a million different areas. you can focus on one thing at a time but you can't forget about the people who use for recreation and those who use because it's what heals those who are sick, the truth is that Drugs and everything tied into them are a double edge sword. they're is no clean cut winner. Everyone's effected, from those who use, to those who create them, those who fight against it, to even those who don't use and watch it all from the sidelines.....

So what do you think???


October 18, 2006

Soundboard: "Aww Crap!!!"

Well I goofed again...

Since there was no topic for the season premiere last Friday, then it makes no sense to launch "Echoes Of The Factor"... well that and the fact that there were no submissions in regards to last week's column.

So I've decieded to postpone "Echoes" until Nov. 3rd, next Friday will an all new "The Brian Factor" and this one will be topic oriented, so I invite you to bring your thinking caps, your imagination and most importantly... your voice.

Until Next Friday,



October 15, 2006

Soundboard: Comments and Echoes

"Bring It On!!!"

Well after a hiccup or two on Friday, things pretty much went well. I want to first of all thank all of you for taking the time to read this column and for really showing your support, we eneded up with 35 hits on the TBF page on Friday, so again thank all of you.

So now it's your turn. Every Friday you'll get something different as TBF is a bi-weekly column and gets alternated with its sister segment "Echoes Of The Factor". Echoes is a sounboard made for you to ask or say anything you want and we're getting ready to start up again this coming Friday, so if you have something to say in regards to TBF or to the man behind the scenes, hell whatever you want to say and ask, then I say bring it on.

If you want in for Echoes season premiere then this is all you have to do:

At the bottom of each column, you can leave your comments, click the link and submit your questions, comments, Etc.

Then I'll post your questions/ comments and you'll have my response. I should inform you that i will answer without any restraint, so if you want brutal honesty, you'll get it.

Deadline's is Thursday afternoon, any submissions recieved afterwards will be used for the following installment of Echoes.

I look foward to hear what you have to say....

Until Next Time,


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October 13, 2006

Season Two Premiere

"This Fire Burns" (Killswitch Engage)

All I've ever wanted was destiny to be fulfilled
It is in my hands,
I must not fail
I must not fail!

Even through the darkest days
This fire burns, always
This fire burns, always

This is the proving ground
Misery begins to rise
Turn away from yesterday,
Tomorrow's in my eyes

Nevermore to be held down
By the waves against me
Nevermore to be cast aside
This day is mine...

Even through the darkest days
This fire burns, always
This fire burns, always

I will not be denied, In this final hour
I will not be denied, This day is mine
This passion inside me is burning (Is burning!)
This passion inside me is burning (Is burning!)

Even through the darkest days
This fire burns always (always)
This fire burns (fire burns) always
Always (always)

In time everything is revealed. In time, the one you considered your friend is now your greatest foe; what you hate becomes what you love. That one thing that brought people to you now pushes them away. The list goes on and on, but by now I trust you've figured out the point of what I'm trying to say: In time, things change. In time, we change.

Most of the time the results can either be one of two things: a welcomed fresh start or an unwanted curse. I know I'd like to think that one day I'll learn it all and then I’ll just live happily ever after, but won’t happen. From the day you're born ‘til the day you die you will always learn; there is no choice in it. So all we can do is wake up every morning and make the most of the day.

How to start off another season of The Brian Factor became a question that honestly bugged the fuck out of me for at least a week. I came up with a couple of ideas (and those will be revealed in time) but this time I wanted to push things to a whole new level. Many of you who read this column finish reading it with new ideas and new opinions, and I'll bet you even have ideas for future topics you would like discussed. Well we are approaching the season for giving and miracles, so I invite you tell me your ideas. I want you to help shape this season. I want you to use your mind and your voice and really bring the issues to light. I do this column because in my everyday humdrum I see what I like to call Idiot Moments. An "Idiot Moment" is basically a moment or event where general and sometimes even competent judgment is simply absent and thus results in an accident that, 5-to-1, causes a lot of damage and about 15 billion-to-1 will leave many people both incredibly pissed and amazed at your blunder. You know you've seen those moments; hell, 5-to-1 you've done your share of them. It's nothing to be ashamed of. I see most of them as the ultimate affirmation that we are flesh and bone; that we are human and, as such, are not perfect. Many times we are led to believe we are gods when really we're humans. And don't worry, I checked down my pants. Turns out I'm one... and a male too.

Believe it or not: I don't want to be a leader.

Though nowadays a title like that is both the easiest and the hardest thing to acquire. All you really have to do is simply speak up for yourself and others. By using your voice and listening to your heart you are choosing to challenge what was always was.

So what do I want?

Honestly, I want to inspire people to think for themselves. I want people to wake up and start speaking for themselves. I look around and I often see people who don't stand up for themselves and choose to "respect" those who are the authority. News flash: respect is a mutual agreement between people; if you give respect, you earn respect. My philosophy on respect is simply this: "No one is above me, no one is beneath me. We are all equals in life and truth." So I ask you: How you see yourself? Do you see yourself as my equal? Who are you? What do see as you look in the mirror?

In my time away many events occurred, both in the world we live in and in our own lives. Some of these events led us to choices that took away the things that mattered to us. Others forced us to look at what we've become. For some, we simply became broken, forced to deal with the remnants of what was. Change happens because it has to. It's in life that the tests are given first and the lessons second. What we decide for ourselves is really our choice, and out of everything we learn and deal with the key to it all is right in front of us.... All along that's what it all came down to... choice.

They say that life is a gamble. And, really, it's the greatest ongoing gamble ever....

I said that things were going to be different this time around, and I am and will always be known as a man of my word. I realized that, after everything, I have nothing to lose. I took everything I had built over a period of five years--things that were everything--and I got rid of them. I should've gotten rid of them a while ago, but fear is powerful. The fear of our lives having no real meaning is one that has always haunted me for as long as I can remember. I finally reached that point where I had to rely on nothing but pure blind faith, so I did it. I still have my mind, my soul, my words, and I learned that even if you strip away their physical forms, the essence that was inside still remains and that is what gives this column it’s heart. I had to learn to face my fears and admit that I don't have all the right answers; I only have the answers that were meant for me to find.

One of the most powerful abilities within us is the power of truth. I know that sounds crazy, but follow me for a couple of minutes, then click “delete” or whatever you do after you finish reading this. One of our greatest flaws is our dependency on "Spinning" (no, not those pointless rims that spin that you'll shell out a couple grand to emulate your favorite rapper on Cribs.)

“To spin” means to twist the truth and/or information (often times both) of actual events to create a fabled version of events to present to the masses to inspire anger/joy/comfort or just about any feeling you'd want the masses or parties to feel.

I honestly hate it. Why lie? Be honest. In the grand history of your whole life, did you prefer someone lying to your face or did you prefer the truth? Myself? I want the truth ‘cause all I've ever received from people were just lies and they made me feel less than what I am. It wasn't the lie itself that got me down; it was all the mind fucking that was set up to begin with, and the lie pretty much became the shot to finish me off.

It's often believed that we have to win the grand tests of life in order to win everything we want. It's not true. Sometimes when you lose it all you gain yourself: the courage and ability to realize what matters to us. A feeling and a mindset we learned to forget along the way, but definitely a great prize.

So now I go to walk down the ever-winding road again. Last year around this time I was enjoying great times with good friends.... It's funny how much can change in so little time.

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October 12, 2006

Soundboard: 20 Hours

"The capacity to be puzzled is... The premise of all
creation, Be it in art or in science."

-Erich Fromm

Consider this your last nugget of advice til tomorrow....

20 HOURS TO GO!!!!



October 11, 2006

Soundboard: 36 Hours

I don't think that I ever wanted to promote TBF homepage more than right now, My Editor Marie decided to share her thoughts for this upcoming season and I have never been more proud of her for speaking her mind than right now...

There's a reason why I asked her to helm the page and help me with my passion and if you click here on this link....

You will know why!


And until then,


Editor's Note

Looking forward to TBF: Season 2 premier? Me too! Only a couple days left....

I figured that since I have the official title of "Editor" of TBF (as well as the self-proclaimed title of "Archiver") I may as well let you all in on some of my thoughts and expectations regarding The Factor, mainly, the issue of responses.

Having more responses submitted to Echoes would be very much appreciated. I thought that the Echoes last season were disappointing. There were some interesting ones depicting other people's views that I enjoyed reading, and it would be cool to have more of those. Hence, the subtitle of this blog-version of TBF. Plus, if there aren't enough Echoes, Brian may just end up writing rants every single week. And then, all you friends of Brian who dislike reading will either have to read twice as much of Brian's opinions or start deleting installments of The Factor and lie to Bri when he asks you if you read it. Which would not be a nice thing to do. So, you see, it'll just be easier to send in your thoughts to Echoes. You and I will benefit from it. It would be good karma.

I should mention that the other alternative to Brian writing a Factor every week is to have me write a response. And I will use big words, complicated theories, Marxist critiques, scores of semi-colons, and other pretentious atrocities. And trust me, my comments in last season's Echoes will be short in comparison. I don't want to commit myself to writing biweekly essays (just look at how infrequently serious topics are brought up on my blog), but I will. And you will hate me.

So show Brian some appreciation! Let him know that people read what he writes! Distribute this link to all those annoyingly opinionated people who try to get you to argue politics at work! Submit some feedback once in a while, something more than "I hear dat." I know for a fact that Brian's main goal with The Factor is to encourage people to think and speak. So do some thinking and speaking!


October 08, 2006

Soundboard: "Five Days"

.........Five Days.......

Have you ever experienced the calm before the storm?

It's a quiet feeling... You can feel something in the air... A feeling inside your heart.

You don't know know what's gonna happen...

Part of you is scared and another part of you is..

I guess the word is 'excited' about the unknown that lies ahead.

I gotta tell you, this is what I'm feeling... and I like it.

For those of you who don't know me and those of you who do, I'm straight edge.

So these feelings are probably the greatest high I've ever had.

In five days I hope to share that high, that rush with you.

Until Then,


October 06, 2006

Soundboard: "Oops"

"Oops, I did it again...wait!!! well technically this is the first time."

I know that I posted up for the last couple of weeks that the season premiere was today but I goofed up. The premiere is set for next Friday. Sorry about the
mix up. What can I say? I got excited and was ready to to get back into this head first, but wait... I should actually thank my new Webmaster of TBF site, Marie, for pointing out my goof.

On related news, we're now accepted any and all of your comments for previous postings from last year's season, as well as your thoughts for the upcoming
season for both The Brian Factor and for the upcoming season of Echoes Of The Factor, we'll also accept non-topic comments, you just saying hey and even the
unusual ramblings of the guy who lives under the bridge (He's actually got some great stories). Pretty much anything you feel like saying. But I think Marie said it best in her first official posting on TBF site (something new that you'll find from time to time):

Features for you to take advantage of:

- Comments! Anonymous comments are accepted, though we'd appreciate at least some sort of name. I am sure, though, that for the old readers of TBF that Brian will still accept Echoes vis his email. (And I don't know about Brian, but I will simply laugh at any flames. Who writes flames? Illiterate people who need
blinders to maintain the illusion of their little fantasy world and helmets to protect their underused, doughy brains. Reasonable arguments, however, are
encouraged. We welcome contention. We thrive on it. We'd love to have religious fundies and paranoid conspiracy theorists (two groups of people which are *not* mutually exclusive) put in their opinions.)

- RSS feed! ^^^Clicky^^^ So you won't miss a single Factor.

- Hit counter! C'mon and hit us as much as you like. We know it's our fault. We can take the abuse. And TBF will still love you. So what are you waiting for?

- Marie

Webmaster for The Brian Factor

I couldn't have said it better myself.......

Well you know where to find us and so go on and give us your best shot. If you forgot how to find us here's a clue:


Bring it on world...... WE'RE READY TO PLAY!!!!


October 03, 2006

Editor's Note: Features

Features for you to take advantage of:

- Comments! Anonymous comments are accepted, though we'd appreciate at least some sort of name. I am sure, though, that for the old readers of TBF that Brian will still accept Echoes vis his email. (And I don't know about Brian, but I will simply laugh at any flames. Who writes flames? Illiterate people who need blinders to maintain the illusion of their little fantasy world and helmets to protect their underused, doughy brains. Reasonable arguments, however, are encouraged. We welcome contention. We thrive on it. We'd love to have religious fundies and paranoid conspiracy theorists (two groups of people which are *not* mutually exclusive) put in their opinions.)

- RSS feed! ^^^Clicky^^^ So you won't miss a single Factor.

- Hit counter! C'mon and hit us as much as you like. We know it's our fault. We can take the abuse. And TBF will still love you. So what are you waiting for?


TBF is back starting this Friday

I know that I haven't been as vocal as usual, but i'm am a perfectionist and I wanted to be sure that everything was perfect. well things are finally ready, we now have our new world wide site up and running:


And The Brian Factor starts right up this friday, we're taking up a notch and we're mad as heck and we're not gonna take it anymore......

So remember, we're going right back in this Friday, and this time: WE'RE GOING GLOBAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!