July 30, 2006

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Hey ya'll, Marie here. I'm one of Brian's friends. I took it upon myself to create this Blogger version of "The Brian Factor" for two main reasons: 1) I hate MySpace blogs, which has been one of the two mediums Brian's been using to distribute TBF (the other being by direct email). MySpace often requires an account to access members' blogs and their RSS feeds suck. 2) I was bored, so I made this a summer project.

I've pretty much archived all installments of season one (Dec '05 to July '06) of The Brian Factor here. I may have missed one or two of the "Echoes of The Factor".

The dates and times are either from Brian's MySpace posts or from TBF emails.

Some of the first entries I posted have been edited by me. (Just some corrected typos, shortened mega-lipses "..........", and capitalizations of the words "I", "I'm", and "I've". Nothing major, B, so don't tweak out. :) Most of the entries, however, haven't been edited. (Blame the ADHD. Using the find & replace tool gets monotonous and after ten minutes I get the urge to go start fires or something.) (That was a joke. I've never committed arson. Well, no acts of arson that they've successfully prosecuted me for, anyway.)

As of tonight Brian hasn't seen any of this. In fact, I only clued him in to the project a few days ago. I dunno whether I'll be making next season's posts on this blog or whether Brian will.

All mentions of "A Beautiful Tragedy" (ABT) refer to Brian's musical projects. So far there is no web access to band info or song samples.

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When it rains, it pours.....

Technical complications have all but stopped me from working on new and existing material, everyone's schedule's are also proving to be another possible complication, leaving all future plans up in the air....

But there's still a couple of positive notes, with summer almost over, 'The Brian Factor' will be gearing up for another season starting on Oct. 13th.

Also I've been planning new features and will be working with a friend to see where it goes....

But to all the faithful who read this column, I promise I won't let you down...

- B.R