March 28, 2008

_TBF_ [03.28.2008]_

This will serve as many things: Admission, Reflection, Loss and Gain, But above all this will be what I’ve always given.. Truth.

If you spend your life looking at the bad side of life eventually that’s all you ever see. Hope become hopelessness and you spend your days trying to debate why have life if this is all we have to look forward to. You read about how this will kill you today, or tomorrow or five years down the road, 10, 20, etc. It’s almost like we’re at the point where your better off running to a hospital, walking into a delivery room, going up to a newborn and saying “Fuck you! This is as good as it’s ever going to get and then you’re fucked!” and walking out feeling a little better, of course I’d remember to end with a “Mazel Tov” to the parents, but that’s cause I’m thoughtful like that. In the course of the Factor I look to the world and show off a lot of hypocrisy, lack of common sense, and all around bullshit, and I’ll admit that my perception has been altered because of it.

Trying to come back after being sick and with so much personal drama isn’t easy, again my perception has been altered and I realize that I can’t keep writing if I don’t try to enjoy at least something positive in life. In my absence the ladies as well have been working on their own lives outside the Factor and I know they love to write but like me they need time to enjoy the good in their lives before they start back with writing. I guess what it comes down to is this. I know there’s still a lot to say and I still want to write but I need to make sure I get out and enjoy living my life at the same time. So the Factor is done for now. There’s always going to be a need for the outspoken and the voice of the people will always be our greatest weapon. So get up and start talking.

Until Next Time.. and trust me, THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME!

Brian Rodriguez Marie Angel Lady Temptress



March 12, 2008

_TKO_ Afterthought

It’s been a while since I had the chance to write my column, I recently had a death in the family which led to various unfortunate events.

Well first this is only a short revisit to my previous columns, I still don’t have a clear mind to sit down and write new columns. With that being said, I want to first clarify that the past columns you have been reading were all “pre-written” by me back in around August of 2007 when Brian first ask me to write for his Brian Factor. I do want to take the time to say that even though I do stand by my thoughts and what I write, I cannot change the fact that being in a relationship (or in life in general) does not allow you to feel the same way everyday, your opinions, thoughts and everything changes on a day to day basis. So with that being said, I cannot be held accountable for if one day I am writing on the beauty of love and the next I am cursing out my husband. I am human, I don’t pretend to be someone I am not, so don’t expect me to be robotic, I am not pre-program to feel one way for ever, that is why I agreed to write on this column, because I wanted a place to share my way of thought, how I viewed things my way, per my experiences, per what I live day by day, needless to say, I do not intend to insult no one with my thoughts or comments, but you guys have to understand that this is my column, just as Brian can express himself as he wishes, I have the right to do so as well, as you guys do too, just remember I am a female, and what I say will be as my point of view of things, that does not generalize all men into one category, (as I was accused by a reader sometime in January). What I can say if the male readers out there have a problem with my columns or about the way I express my point of view as a woman, then write a column with a man’s point of view. That would be very interesting to see how men think about relationships, it is something that a lot of women think about everyday (“what in the world is he thinking about?”).

I appreciate any kind of feedback, good or bad, both are fine with me, I am still trying to get back into writing, so for now, I just want to thank anyone who reads and appreciates my column, and thank you for your feedback, it lets me know that at least someone is reading my column.



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