May 06, 2009

_[TBF]_[Into The Sunset]_

So… thought I was gone did you?

Allow me first to clear the air on a few things:
1. I didn’t retire because Obama won… didn’t hurt, though.
2. I didn’t lose everything and am now forced to live in a van down by the river!
3. I’m not hung over from celebrating New Years, St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco De Mayo consecutively!
4. I didn’t run off with Marie to get married and live happily ever after….
5. I didn’t run off with Harlean either… although I am keeping my options open on that one (fingers crossed)
6. And finally no, I did not commit that murder and my attorneys have assured me that he was suicidal and if the shotgun don’t fit, they must acquit.

Truth be told I’m ready to move on to other things in my life. I still believe there’s so much to talk about but honestly… being a guy sitting in a chair writing about how he could fix the world doesn’t really fix anything. Essentially it’s just a refined form of bitching. And bitching doesn’t solve anything; it just makes you look like a whiny little bitch. Speaking from the heart is never a bad thing, in fact I whole heartily endorse it, but actions from the heart create more impact. Now I could easily sit here and write and write but I’d never feel satisfied. Sitting back and watching from a distance has its pluses and minuses. I could sit back and say this is wrong and this is right but these nesscesary voices and more importantly these nesscesary words eventually fall on deaf ears and end up lost among a sea of lost hopes and lost dreams….

Sometimes the best way to make an impact is to work on one problem at a time. I’ve done the best I can at this stage but for what I want to do next requires me to step up my game and truthfully I don’t view the factor as a useful tool as this stage of the game.

I’ve got some new projects to work on, some new ideas to expand on and some people to reconnect to. The spirit of the factor can never die mostly cause it’s spirit came not from the guy who wrote it but the people who read it and believed in the same and or similar dream of just trying to make our world make sense and make it better for everyone.

We Have Come To Terms.

Until… Some Time.


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