November 21, 2008

[The Shadow Chronicles]_11.21.2008_

Chapter 4: Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

First: "Houses Of The Holy".... LED ZEPPLIN!!!

Secondly: Sorry for the extended absence but I was in the back taking a nap... Hope I didn't miss anything important.

The greatest stories never told are the stories that currently have no ending, they are the stories that are truly unhindered (no offense Marie). They are the stories that are filled with Hope, Pain, Love and Sorrow. The greatest stories focus on the Hero's pursuits and it's aftermath or endgame as a result which culminated from the time and effort of the journey.

These stories are of course the stories of you and I.

Have you ever taken the time to go back and read your story? To see where the Hero went left when they should've gone right? To see where the Hero started and where they are now? Finally have you gone back to see who the Hero was in the beginning and who the Hero has become today? If the words I've written find resonance within you, then you can understand why I've been away for so long.

I shouldn't be gone much longer... I'm just making some changes to my story. Whether it leads to a happy ending or not is still unknown, but at least I like the Hero a little more than I used to... And that's still something to me.

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