March 24, 2006

Echoes: War, Peace, Revolution

Responses posted on 3/31/06

Comment Submitted by Melissa:

How can you say the "government" dont see all the suffering? they are the ones who cause the suffering of the world. The rich, see, but they dont care.Yes the "government" was created by the people, but it was short lived. Do you believe our "government" is here to hepl? NO. They are here or created to make profit, to control what us PEOPLE do on a regulare...We have to watch what we say, how we dress & what we think. Yes at one point in time The Government was for the people but that was short lived! You need to watch the move Marshall Law 9/11 then tell me what you think. So many people died for one reason alone MONEY. So many lies within..will one day be escaped...then the truth will be what was denied for so long.

Response from Brian:

Do i believe we as a people can escape the never ending bullshit that the govenment has served upon us for the last few years... Yes

Do i expect it to occur overnight... No

The main point i was attempting to spotlight was that people need to be reminded of what the point of our government was founded upon and that the government isn't made to control the people, it was made to serve the people, people are to be in charge of our world and our future, Yes the world and it's leadership are flawed, and yes the people have forgotten who's really in charge, but it's never too late to enlighten the world... it's just a lot of work.. a lot of work.

Question Submitted by Jaime:

A couple of questions if i may?

Response from Brian:


J: What's the current progress on Janus?

B.R.: 40% of the album is done, i started out with one or two tracks and ended up with 15 tracks, the first round of mixing is complete. Now i'm working again and mixing to see where it goes...

J: Will you release a second a E.P.?

B.R.: Yes, I'll be releasing a second E.P. on 4/17, I'll give more info later.

J: Can't you say anything about which track you're working on today? c'mon throw us a bone....

B.R.: "Rusted And Decayed"


March 17, 2006

TBF: War, Peace, Revolution

March Of The Pigs (The Downward Spiral)

Step right up
Crawl right up on your knees
Feed (no time to hesitate)
I want a little bit
I want a piece of it
I think he's losing it
I want to watch it come down
Don't like the look of it
Don't like the taste of it
Don't like the smell of it
I want to watch it come down

All the pigs are all lined up
I give you all that you want
Take the skin and peel it back
Now doesn't it make you feel better?

Shove it up inside
Stains like the blood on your teeth
Suck (away the tender parts)
I want to break it up
I want to smash it up
I want to fuck it up
I want to watch it come down
Maybe afraid of it
Let's discredit it
Let's pick away at it
I want to watch it come down

All the pigs are all lined up
I give you all that you want
Take the skin and peel it back
Now doesn't it make you feel better?
The pigs have won tonight
They can all sleep soundly
And everything is all right

This will serve as many things to many people, but it must be said, so read this and label me what you will, boycott what you hate, think for yourselves and above all never forget....


As we look at the world today, I'm reminded of an old adage I once heard: "The world is in an endless waltz as we dance through time we repeat the same three steps: WAR, PEACE, and REVOLUTION. There's never a solid reason for why but that's how it is..."

As I recall more of the history of war, the more truth the quote holds. It happens once a generation: we enter a time of peace, then through time things turn for the worse and soon we revolt (often for being pushed so far), then the sides are chosen and the battle lines are drawn, and then all that is remaining is war. Such is the cycle that we're in.

It's safe to say that we're prisoners of our fears. When 9/11 occurred we were shaken down to our very foundations; for the first time, nothing was sure and we became lost and we gave in to our fear.

Unfortunately, people saw our fear and capitalized on it. Many were led to believe that God was the only answer and faith alone will return us to what we once were. But first we had to believe what is written without question and hurt those with alternative lifestyles and blame the crumbling of moral society on a "Wardrobe Malfunction". Others turned fear into hatred, blaming races and religions instead on a group of radical extremists who wish to speak their message with death and violence and would go on to misinform the people that everyone across the ocean was involved, thus ending with innocent people dying.

And what of our government? Did they step in to rectify this? No. Why fix a mess that you helped make in the first place? Governments were created for the people, by the people and of the people; instead it's the rich and the powerful who rule, and what still surprises me is the one other adage that many have forgotten but is the complete truth of the government: The Government is ruled by the people, they don't rule the people. As I look at the world I feel like I'm watching two teens fighting for no real reason except for pride and respect.

So who's to blame for it all? The government? The terrorists? Or the people? The answer, everyone: the terrorists who choose to speak with death and pain; the people who are left in fear and, rather than stand up to intimidation, release the reigns of power and allow the politicians (who never see violence and suffering and only choose to see the profit and the power they could wield) to assume command. In essence, the people didn't want to deal with the world after 9/11; they wanted the world we lived on 9/10/01, but that world is gone. So now we must realize that we're not in control anymore and if we don't remember what the true goals are and carry out those true goals and aim for peace, then we won't see peace for a long time.

Now that we've had peace and we’ve gone straight to war, I see that that leaves only one option left….


March 09, 2006


So what a busy two weeks I've been having. In fact, some of the crazy shit that happened last week pretty much set the scene up for what happening now. So for this episode we're again changing it up and welcoming you back to another installment of "The Brian Blog".

So I'm going through everything going on in my life and I realize that everything can be traced to one act: I actually gave a damn about my pride.


Last week, in the middle of conversation the topic of Lent came up and I had no plans to participate but after being goaded about not being able to complete Lent for a couple of hours something in my head snapped and there I was in one of those outer body experiences where you see yourself doing something stupid and you're trying to stop yourself but at the same time you're also interested in seeing the outcome, so you make a half ass effort so no matter what you could at least say that you tried and just like that I said yes.

So the challenge: Participate in Lent, sacrifice two things in my life to better myself, and learn a life altering lesson... Simple.

The Rules: I cannot enjoy my two vices for 40 days and 40 nights; doing so would basically be worse than breaking your New Year's resolution: no real punishment, just the fact that you failed yourself in self control.

There was just one tiny problem: I don't smoke, don't drink, don't do drugs, don't gamble, I'm not a compulsive shopper, I've never been sexually active and I'm not even dating, and-- if you still haven't figured out the problem-- it's that I live my life without any real vices at all!!!


After looking at myself and wondering how I got this far getting less action than a priest (to clairify, I'm actually comparing my sex life with what a priest's sex life is supposed to be, not what it unfortunatly is), I realized that only two things I have going that I could afford to sacrifice were pizza and buying music. So I did, and I made my last day count. I ran out and ordered the biggest pizza I could, bought whatever CD I was looking for and splurged; I admit it... not my finest moment, but if Ii had any real vices to sacrifice... I'd have of done the most that I could before sundown and then gone through the wonders of withdrawl.


I never realized how much Ii ate pizza or ran out and bought music until I wasn't allowed to do so.... and, boy, was it alot. I'm still trying to figure out how I did all that. Shortly afterward, everything began clicking: all my friends and I were on the same page, my ex and I are completly comfortable in front of each other again (no more of that post break up "weirdness" between us) and slowly little by little my life just made sense, and that is great, all that it is, it's just that when things are working out for you it'll really take you by surprise ....


Now that I had more free time I began going through some of my old writings and I began recalling where I was at that point and where its heart came from and slowly I started going back to the part inside and soon it all made sense again. So instead of immersing myself in other people's emotional outputs (music), I began refocusing on my mine, so I decieded that sitting on my ass wasn't the right thing to do so I went and began mixing beats using an old keyboard, my laptop to record, edit, loop, distort, etc. and my imagination and formed them together into songs and now I'm letting close friends check out the material and I should be hearing what the verdict sometime next week. I honestly feel great doing this, I honestly feel recharged and now I'm creating music which, in many ways, has been running throught my brain for many years. So now, jump ahead a week (filled with six sleepless nights to prove it), and "A Beautiful Tragedy" is now officially up and running.


I've really changed in many ways over the past three years: some of it wasn't bad and some of it wasn't good, but by sacrificing two things i really enjoy it forces me out of my usual routine and it causes me to actually think about what I want and, had I not taken up the challenge, what would of happened instead. They say one moment or event can alter the entire course of your life... Well, I don't know about the rest of my life, but for right now... everything's different... and definitely in a good way....