February 13, 2012

The Black Boot Chronicles: "First Impressions"

"What is thy Desire?" She asks..

She's riding me, making me feel more alive then I ever have. Every touch rippling through my fingers, the scent of her sweat awakening and invigorating me instantly. Our eyes lock as she whispers to me "What is thy Desire?"

I wake up.

My eyes open as the birds chirp. I looked to the clock with two minutes til the alarm rings. My first day and I beat the alarm.. I race to get ready and bolt out the door. This is a new day and hopefully the first day of the rest of my life.

I make it downtown just before 8:30 and beeline for the elevator, just when I think I'm going to miss it, a hand pops out and holds the door. I rush in and thank the stranger before I looked and saw her... She was a beautiful combination of curves and curls, 5'8 with heels and a scent that envelopes you. She looked to me and smiles, finally speaking "So where you headed?" "I'm going..?" Crap! My mind blanks but quickly regroup "17th floor, please." "No problem, My name's Cassie." She replies. "I'm Joey." I stumbled.

I immediately realize that in my rush I forgot to put my tie on and immediately race to make myself presentable. As I stagger Cassie just looks on with her smile transitioning into a smirk before she tells me to stop and leans in to grab my tie. "You're messing up. Here let me." She props up my collar and begins to put my tie around me, settling with a windsor knot. She resets my collar and says "Much better!" I thank her and as my floor arrives. She asks me "You're the new guy, right?" "Yes, I am." "Well I already know everyone here so I'll check in with you later." She says with a smile. "Great." I reply.

As with any first day I go through the motions: learn everyone's name, where everything is and of course get instructed 20 times before I even make a move of my own. As fast as I learned to picked up the motions I kept flashing back to Cassie. There was something almost mesmerizing about her. I couldn't let go of her scent or how I felt as she was helping me in the elevator, that feeling as my blood rushed and my heart pumped furiously. I had never felt like this about a girl.. At least not right away.

As I recalled our moment in the elevator I whisper her name. "You rang?" From the door, leaning against the frame. I instantly recover, feigning that I had almost forgotten her name. To which she replied sarcastically "Well I guess I'm going to have to make you remember me, won't I?" She invites me to lunch, promising in her own words "Best damn sandwich you've ever had."

Over lunch we go through the general getting to know you conversations and easily becoming fast friends and then out of left field she asks me "So you got a girlfriend?" "Nah" I replied "Afraid I got pretty burnt from the last one." I didn't want to ask or really I didn't want to hear the answer "So what about you?Boyfriend? Husband?" She surprises me with a no. She tells me "We're young, why rush to settle down?Don't you want to just cut loose and live?Sometimes you need to just go crazy and do something completely out of left field. You ever do anything like that?" She asks me.

"I'm afraid I've never really cut loose like that. It's funny cause I remember being told that by my dad. Actually he specifically said that "No matter what you do in life, that you have to do it with passion." I guess I'm still waiting for that reason to be passionate."

She smiles and asks "So do you think you could ever be passionate?" I reply without thinking "Give me the opportunity and I'll surprise you." I say in my most confident voice."I'm going to hold you to that.." Cassie says playfully.

The rest of the day passed by faster thank I anticipated, The job became second nature while I reflected on my lunch with Cassie. Soon I was the only one left on the floor when I realize it was already six o' clock. I was finishing up when I hear a knock at the door and there stood Cassie, against the door frame with her jacket in her hands just staring at me. "I was just thinking about you." I tell her, not realizing how it sounded. She lays her jacket on the nearby chair as she sauntered over to me. "Really?Funny I was thinking about you too. Well specifically something you said earlier.." "Really?" I said incredulously "What about?" "That stuff your dad said. About being passionate?" As she inches closer and closer "Also what you said about if you had the opportunity that you would surprise me?" I stepped back not knowing what to expect, with Cassie following me closer until I was against the wall. She looks at me with intensity in her eyes as she places her hands on my chest and moves them gently up to my neck and cupping my face. She looks at me and with her most devilish smile whispers "Surprise me." As she kisses me. I pull away for one second, making sure no one was around, sensing my heart beating heavily like earlier I grab her intensely and kiss her passionately without a second thought.

I rip off my Shirt and tie as she pulls off her blouse, alternating between making out and trying to shed our clothes. There wasn't logic, there wasn't a second thought or questions of what the future held.. All there is, all that mattered was here. Now. This moment, between two people. This was it's essence, the essence of passion. Pure and simple.. This was lust.

I sit her on the table across the room as she grabs my belt, trying to figure it out without stopping. I grab her face, each kiss simultaneously feeling like it's our first and last, the sensation of energy and inspiration from her lips on mine. I travel down her neck and shoulders, alternating between kissing and biting with each bite getting her more excited as she groans in pleasure. I momentarily kiss and bite her wrists before she grabs to kiss me again even harder than before. I move down to her breasts as I reach and clamp her hands in mine, holding her arms behind her as I explore and sample her supple flesh. Each instant my mouth envelopes her nipples sends a shock through her system as she begs for more.

I lay her back as I remove her skirt and slowly her panties. I nibble up her legs, sucking on her calves and behind her knee as she writhes in pleasure as I grope her thighs while kissing her stomach until I finally reach her pussy. I place my right hand on her chest alternating groping her chest and her grabbing my fingers and sucking them. My left hand grips her thigh hard and she gets worked up with my tongue inside her. I explored her from head to toe, licking and sucking her body, never once feeling satisfied. I only felt hungrier,I only wanted her more. I continue eating her out, the sensation of my tongue massaging her clit and her lips being slightly grazed by my teeth sends her over the edge as she rushes to catch her breath, with her moaning intensely telling me not to stop. I continue eating her out as she immediately grips my hair as she yells out "Oh God" as every muscle contracts and she becomes silent neither moving or speaking. I made her cum hard. Had I chosen to I could've rested on my laurels and focus on me, but I didn't want to. I loved making her cum, I wanted to satisfy her.

Cassie pulls me up towards her as she immediately switches places with me pulling my pants down with me against the table. She grabs my cock and plays with it through her fingers as she kisses me. She kisses my chest, my arms, my stomachas she works her way down, never once letting go of my cock. She takes my cock and without hesitation begins blowing me, the feeling of her mouth and tongue has me gripping the table with me unable to move as she takes me, as she swallows me. I grip her head as the sweat from her brow glides my hand through her hair, finally resting on her crown. I feel her mouth motion.back and forth as my hand continues to rest, almost appearing like I was guiding her. I pull her up towards me and turn her back to the table, lift her legs as we kiss and I slowly penetrate her. I began thrusting and focused on creating a rhythm. The feeling was indescribable being inside her and flashed back to my dream and that same rush of emotions. I notice my tie laying next to us and grab it, I take her arms and pin them behind her back and tie them together. I turn her around and bend her over the table as I enter her from behind. We continued on as she straddled me in my chair to pinning her against the wall with her legs wrapped around me. We were compelled to hold nothing back from one another. We gave it all and reached a connection that.almost felt primal. We ended on the floor facing each other during the missonary as I felt everything getting ready. I told her I was ready to cum and she told me not to stop and to keep going. I thrust harder and harder until I finally grip her hands and cum.

We looked at each other, there was no reaction until she finally smiled and we kissed.

We both stares at one another as Cassie smiles and says "So I guess this means you'll remember me now, huh?" I respond with a smirk "Not sure, we may to try that again, just to be sure.." We both laugh as we kiss.

She looks at me and says innocently "What is thy Desire?" I take a second glance and think about her question. I finally smile and say "I don't know... But I'll start with this.." As I lean in and kiss her some more.

The End.


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