November 03, 2005

I answer the most frequently asked question about the most unsual and most sensitive subject: Me

For about a year I have done this column to give my two cents on the everyday events that we all face and that one time I got involved in politics, which I recieved more credit to myself for putting the issuses and possible hidden agendas out there and letting you the reader make your own choices on our own fates. And I've even opened up on my battles with depression in the past and sharing some of my most private thoughts and feelings with you which I appreciate very much. But today is different, today I give you an insight into myself....probably the most complicated subject I've ever tried to fully understand.

"Where do I get this knowledge and interest of music?"

For the last year I've been asked this a million times, so I'll just give you the whole story:

Three years ago, almost to the day, I was interested in this one CD but was afraid to check it out. Until then I had stayed out of music entirely: I didn't know a thing about music, I never listened to the radio, I never watched MTV, I had no interest in it, music was just noise to me.... and that was my life until I was eighteen and that CD I wanted my boss actually went out and bought and soon I was handed a copy of "The Fragile" by some group called "Nine Inch Nails." As soon I heard "Just Like You Imagined" I just was taken back and slowly I began to collect more NIN albums, and from there I branched out into the many sub-genres that were present in all NIN music: electronic, rock, alternative, industrial, etc. and soon I had amassed a huge collection of music which everyone- even people who listen to music and worked with music their whole lives- were taken back in!.

And that's what happened. But actually going into my family history both my uncles are total metal heads with Metallica, Motorhead, AC/DC, Ozzy, Hendrix (the list goes on), and my own mother if you go through her iPod you'll find Aerosmith, Zepplin, Hendrix, Pink Floyd, ZZ Top, the Clash, the Doors, Gorillaz, NIN, Queen, U2, Van Halen, etc. It's safe to say I come
from a family very rich in music and those are just the rock artists. So those are my musical credentials.

Take a look at your own family and you'll find you may have more in common than you think when it comes to music... minus the drugs.... Well, then again....

Thank you and good night,