May 25, 2008

_Soundboard_ [05.25.2008]_

I'm getting stronger, I'm getting happier, I'm getting more from the little things around me.
For those who doubt what I have left all I say is this:

There is always something left within me and in time you will see what I have to share....


May 20, 2008


Who missed me?

Anyway I'm still sorting things out, but I am making major breakthroughs and I know once I stop seeing that freaky 6ft. rabbit around me 24/7 then I should be writing again.. Though the thumb sucking? That might stay...

Anyway this is not about me, It's about our dear miss Angel. Angel has started her own page devoted to showcasing all of her works (Poetry, Novels, Commentaries, etc.) and naturally we here at TBF gladly show our support by promoting the hell out of it and posting the appropriate links in our "Friends of the Factor" section. So if you love poetry, if you love getting immersed in novels of the heart and soul or if you love TKO then we got the place for you....

Until Next Time,
- B

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