June 16, 2008


For the last couple of weeks, new ideas have been popping in my head and even though it's still in the works I though it was time to share something.

So here it is.. a sample of what is playing around in my head... God help us all!

"Le Baiser de l'Esprit"

Ce qui pourrait je dites à vous
Combien pourrait je donnez-vous

Dans ce baiser je vous donnerai tout
Dans ce baiser je le prendrai tout loin

Libérez ce que vous craignez
Croyez ce que vous voulez croire

Ici, maintenant, je vous donne ceci
Un cadeau médian pour vous donner la paix

Entrez maintenant au monde
Laissez lui couler dans vous

Un baiser pour vous donner la vie
Un baiser pour vous donner l'espoir
Un baiser pour vous donner des rêves doux
Un baiser... pour vous donner le repos.

Hope you guys paid attention in French Class! Au Revoir!

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June 04, 2008

_Soundboard_ [06.04.2008]_

No New Name... But A New Project

Sometimes when you start a project, it grows into something that means a lot to you, you become picky about what gets associated with said project. A bad idea could ruin it and you'll often times abandon new ideas because they don't appear to fit whatever parameters you set for yourself. So imagine my surprise when as soon as I let "A Beautiful Tragedy" go and all the parameters that came with it that a whole flood of new ideas sprung up and I'm in a storm. Here's an idea of what's come to pass since the end of A.B.T.

No Name Music/ Writing Projects:


"Fate Divide"

"Animal Within"

"Chaos Upon Us"


"Radiación De la Sombra"

"Le Baiser de l'Esprit"


Something tells me things will get interesting from here....


June 02, 2008


A.B.T. R.I.P.

I was hoping to avoid this but sometimes you gotta know when the right thing to do is the thing you know sucks more than anything. As of today... A Beautiful Tragedy is dead.

(Hey this sounds like a great title for a song!)

It turns out there's another "A Beautiful Tragedy" out in the world and they got lawyers and cheesy hipster "I'm badass cause no one has heard of me but the minute they do I lose my street cred with the indie crowd..." mentality. Ugh!

I honestly think it sucks that I couldn't make it work as I saw ABT in my head but I realized ABT fit perfectly for what I was doing in the testing and creation phases that have occurred since 05 to now but new ideas, new material and new outlook have made me realized that it doesn't feel like ABT anymore. I feel it as something else, something more....

When I know what it is and what it's called... I'll let those who care know.

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