November 22, 2008

[Light of the Angel]_11.21.2008_

Angel has returned to TBF... and this Angel means Business!

Why is it that men can never appreciate when he has a
beautiful, good, nice, faithful woman by his side? Why do
men still have the need to look at the trashy looking slut
in the dance floor?

Ladies if we put in as much effort into our careers as we
do with our men, imagine that we would be millionaires! I
know I am not the only one that has felt the need to
overcompensate with their men because of our own

Sometimes I feel I have to give too much just to keep
someone happy, and I want the same in return but I end up
settling for less than what I put into a relationship
because I don’t make myself be respected. I often feel
that if I give a lot I will be liked or loved a lot. If you
are too nice to people they will come to take you for
granted or not appreciate it and step all over you.
Sometimes you must learn to say “NO!” or in some cases
“Hell No!” Even if that means coming across like a bitch
every now and then. Sh*t! if that means getting some
respect and men treating you like you deserve to be treated,
then so be it!

I think its time we ladies take over the game and I hate to
say it, but, ok, here it goes…hear me out though, we need
to act a bit more like…Men! Yeah I said it, Men!

See men don’t sit around waiting by the phone wondering
if we are going to call or what we are doing. They go out
and have fun while we females are waiting around for them.
Men don’t call you to say they miss you or ‘baby I love
you’ or no mushy shit like that, if they call you its
right to the point, and hang up. Men don’t think there is
nothing wrong with having a girl and talking to million
others at the same time. Men don’t think there is nothing
wrong with being out with your girl and flirting with other
women while she is there with you. (Shame on you men!) LOL!

So why are we females more susceptible to this type of
humiliation? Because we think too much and we care too much
and we give too much, and we respect too much, and we love
too much, bottom line; we aren’t enough like men! We wear
our feelings in our face, and we need to stop that and enjoy

“Life is too short to deal with all this MEN DRAMA!”

Ladies we need to put on our sexy heals, and our
“freak’em” dress on, and go out with our girls and
have a good time, not call our men, leave them thinking for
once and just enjoy ourselves…cuz believe me when I say
this, he ain’t going to be home alone missing you, he will
probably be out with that other chick, while you are
thinking he is so into you and loves you only and blah,
blah, blah!

Lets wake up girls and treat ourselves with respect, love
ourselves, show our men what we are WORTH, and if they are a
good man and worth holding on to, they will value you and
treat you like a trophy worth winning. If they don’t then
Fuck him, and move on…There is plenty of more men in the
sea to be stuck on a loser!


Angelkissess quote “Believe Me, I am someone you will
regret losing…I promise!”


By the way I am talking about the good woman that treat
their man right (and get treated like dirt), by far am I
saying all woman are this way, hell no some are just
straight up sluts! (And by the same token, not all men are
this way either, but the ones I have come across are, or
some of my girls)


November 21, 2008

[The Shadow Chronicles]_11.21.2008_

Chapter 4: Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

First: "Houses Of The Holy".... LED ZEPPLIN!!!

Secondly: Sorry for the extended absence but I was in the back taking a nap... Hope I didn't miss anything important.

The greatest stories never told are the stories that currently have no ending, they are the stories that are truly unhindered (no offense Marie). They are the stories that are filled with Hope, Pain, Love and Sorrow. The greatest stories focus on the Hero's pursuits and it's aftermath or endgame as a result which culminated from the time and effort of the journey.

These stories are of course the stories of you and I.

Have you ever taken the time to go back and read your story? To see where the Hero went left when they should've gone right? To see where the Hero started and where they are now? Finally have you gone back to see who the Hero was in the beginning and who the Hero has become today? If the words I've written find resonance within you, then you can understand why I've been away for so long.

I shouldn't be gone much longer... I'm just making some changes to my story. Whether it leads to a happy ending or not is still unknown, but at least I like the Hero a little more than I used to... And that's still something to me.

Until Next Time,


November 17, 2008

Unhindered: Weddings

I've slacked off the last few weeks. First, I didn't write because I was so burnt out from the marathon last-minute campaigning, and then I didn't write last week because of a wedding I attended Saturday. I was a bridesmaid. With 3-inch high-heel, red, ruffley, peep-toe shoes with little bows across the toes. I didn't trip or stumble, but-ye gods!-the pain! Took me several days to recover from the 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. day.

I'm not a fan of large weddings. Haven't been for a long time: first because of theory, now because of experience.

Seriously, is a big, lavish wedding worth beginning your married life in debt? So many young couples spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (thank you credit cards) on weddings, and it takes years or decades to pay some of these things off.

Here's a press release on the topic: Bridal Spending Has Increased 100% Over Last 15 Years: 'American Wedding Study 2006' Reveals Average Wedding Now Tops $27,000

Here's an alternative I ran across yesterday: Our 10-11-08 Crafty Fall Wedding. The bride used a lot of money-saving DIY stuff by making decorations, and customizing dresses. (And the groom and groomsmen wore camo vests and ties, which is original but a little strange, I think.)

During the pre-wedding storm and after the event itself, Curtis and I (who have been together just a few months longer than our newly-married friends) have discussed what we want for our wedding, which will first be delayed until we are both steadily employed and have saved up enough money to get a decent place to live. First, the ceremony will be our close family and our handful of close-enough-to-be-considered-family friends. Second, the ceremony and/or reception will be somewhere relatively casual (read: inexpensive) and limited to a reasonable number of guests. Third: no high heels! I promise that if I have bridesmaids they won't have to shell out several hundred dollars of their own money for matching dresses.

Okay, that third item is something I haven't actually discussed with Curtis, but I don't think he'd mind. After all, I'll let him wear tie-dye under his tux jacket if he wants. (And I take back my comment about the strangeness of camouflage in the above wedding.)