April 21, 2006

In one week a lot can happen

So as I'm writing this I'm a little under the weather.... Our first patch of sun after all this rain and I get sick. What a week.

I was going to tackle one of the Big Five this week, but thanks to a lot of Nyquil I forgot what I was going to say, so I'll keep it short yet sweet.

In one day, anything can happen; so in one week, a lot can happen. I ended up this week with a lot.

In one week:

I learned the whole truth about the demise of my relationship

I attempted to rebuild a burned bridge... with my father

I rediscovered the concept of mortality

I learned how much something can mean to you and how much of you that something or someone is when it's not there anymore

AndI was invited to a sex club with an adventurous couple.... I don't know why or how that happened but it did.

We always have those times when we're thrown a lot of curve balls and you don't know what to do with them all. Life's always been funny like that. Sometimes you've gotta roll with the punches and find the answers, and sometimes there are no answers, just an experience to go through.....

And after this week I learned a lot....


April 14, 2006

Echoes: Life and happiness

Responses Posted on 4/14/06

Comment Submitted by Andres:

Hey, I was able to read it all the way through this time. Good one. Very encouraging.

Response From Brian:

Thanks, encouragement is always a nice thing to give.

Comment Submitted by Adam:

ya I Totally agree with you on that shit. Be YOU son. Be yourself.

Response From Brian:

Fuck Yeah....

Statement Submitted by Free Dominguez:

my answer is real simple. i always live my truth, to the best of my ability. so where i am now, no matter what life throws me, at the core i am still happy. i always make sure that i "do the work" from as simple as keeping my house clean, paying my bills, doing my vocal exercises, yoga, practicing in my studio, practicing my instruments -- but also, not doing self-destructive things, and stepping outside of myself to see that i'm just a small dot and "what can i do" for others around me and those that i love.

i make my choices based on my karma (meaning my INTENTION). i've learned to not take shit from anyone; as i don't treat people bad, i will not accept people treating me bad or taking advantage of me.

i always achieve my goals, because my goals are - make music, love, always try to be a good, better, and conscious person. anything that comes with that is gravy.

when you see death, and you see real suffering (katrina, terror, disease, holding your loved one and singing to them while you watch him die), it is easy to put it in perspective - there are no 'good' times and there are no 'bad' times. it's not "anything can happen" it's "anything IS happening." it will take a LOT for me to bitch about anything.

it's how you deal with things that matters.

i hope that answers your question. thank you for taking the time. i have been having time this past week to catch up on emails, but soon that's going to change.....


Response From Brian:

......uh...... Sorry i was a little star struck, I
agree with you completely.

Question Submitted By D:

Wait a sec!! if your releasing six previously unreleased tracks with "Machine and already released five more on "Threshold" then what'll be left to surprise us on "Janus" if you've released 11 tracks, that's a whole album right there?

Response From Brian:

Don't worry, they'll be plenty to surprise you on "Janus" As i've mentioned before everything i've released are just the demos, the new versions sound different and i have close to 30 songs in production, so for all we know, nothing i've released will even be on the album... except for "Life" i know that will have a place on "Janus"

D: Oh, what are you listening to during the creative process?

Response From Brian:

For influence i've been listening to:

NIN- Pretty Hate Machine
Aphex Twin- Drkuqs
Autolux- Future Perfect
Tool- Aenima
Massive Attack- Blue Lines and Mezzanine also check out their new single "Live With Me" it's fuckin badass...


April 06, 2006

TBF: Life and Happiness

As we get older part of us always takes a look back at how far we've come. it's no secret that we all do it, now part of us knew what we wanted from it all when we were younger and part of us wanted impossible things that made no sense, but it's life and it's always one of the fonder parts of it. As we move foward we all want one thing: a defining reason for our lives. everyone wantsa the answers to it all, but answers aren'nt given they have to be earned...

So where are you in this point of you life, are you there? Are you in that ideal point where it all makes sense, where it's all clear, if you're not.. why? i'm not trying to insult anyone, i'm simply asking what do you want?

i could make a million reaasons on why you should or shouldn't go what makes you happy but really it's all you that's stopping you, we'll say it's the job, the routine, that we're too old or too young to go for it, but we're not. You can quit a job, you can break a routine, and who's really ever too old or too young, or have you forgotten that these are the words of a 21 year old...

As a 21 year old i'm many things to many people: i'm an employee at a law firm, i'm a son, i'm a kid, i'm an adult, i'm a brother both younger and older to someone, and i'm also a dreamer, a musician, an artist, a writer, a hopeless romantic and a philosopher and even an unlicensed conseulor to many people. Yet above all else i'm Brian Rodriguez, a guy from San Jose, Ca who gets up every morning and doesn't try to be all the aforementioned things, I don't go out and search for the people, places and situations, i just don't deny who i am, i choose to embrace what i have inside, and it leads me to write two columns, it leads me to creating an album, it leads me to draw and design, it leads me to be there for people who need a shoulder to cry on and it leads me to being just there. Everything that i am, both good and bad i am simply myself.

The point to all this: Don't deny who you are, don't think what can do is stupid, or pointless, as long as stay true to yourself you always find yourself where you're needed and where you can do what's in you heart..

And to all the naysayers in the world: FUCK 'EM


Until Next Time,
- Brian