December 14, 2006


"Bust out the high end booze, we gonna party!!!!"

Marie and I are taking the rest of the year off and we're not back until Jan. 12th but we have a really good excuse....

So after years of back and forth ribbing and one sided flirting, and enough innuendo to support 26 sexual harrasment suits, Marie and I are tying the knot, as we speak we're off to Vegas to live our dream and have a Klingon wedding that will be precided by Capt. Kirk, (word is we can get Marie given away by Mr. Sulu, which really makes sense...since he's also the bridesmaid.)

We're registered at any comic book store in California, we're also registered also in "World of Warcraft" (don't ask me how, but it involves fighting an Ogre and winning a jewel)

I plan to be happy for six hours and then miserable for four weeks until we divorce.

While we're away we're gonna run "The Best of The Brian Factor", starting next Friday and continuing every Friday until we return my lovely new bride will choose her favorite columns from the past seasons. We're also going to make some minor changes here and there to the TBF site, nothing fancy and we'll give you a heads up on anything notable.

So I need to finish packing the cat-o-nine tails and the camera equipment for the....uh.... tourist attractions...hehehe

Until Next Time Kiddies,

-Brian & Marie

Aww crap, she's mad about something....this is gonna be a looong day.



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